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About a Girl

About a Girl

There have been songs written about love, life, family, friendship, falling down, misery, loneliness and hopelessness. There are songs for almost everything on earth because there are times hen nothing could best explain something but music. But even songs were written to tell a story, and amazingly, there are those sharing tales about a girl. Let us see some of the songs with girl’s names as their titles and witness each and every one of their stories.

  • Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

This song was performed and written by the King of Pop himself. It is also a multi-awarded single and gained worldwide and timeless fame. This is actually about an avid female fan of Michael Jackson who claims that MJ was the father of one of her twins. She sent him letters, and even sent him a gun and told him to kill himself at a certain date and time so they would be together in another lifetime since they could not in this time. She was then sent to a psychiatric hospital for her mental challenges. As stated in the song, the court even believes that Michael really was the father.

  • Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

This deep and haunting Beatles song had gained numerous interpretations. Primarily, it is a song about death and loneliness. It could be telling a story of two seemingly unconnected people, Father McKenzie and Eleanor Rigby, or it could be just a lamentation for sorrow and loneliness. Songs such as Eleanor Rigby is one of the reasons why The Beatles is considered as musical geniuses for having come up with a song that does not only appeal to the ears but also challenges the mind.

  • Jenny by The Click Five

This song is about a girl who is sometimes there, but sometimes nowhere to be found. She is someone who loves you for a moment, and leaves you the next. Personally, this reminds me so much of the film Forrest Gump. Forrest’s love interest was named Jenny. He has always loved her ever since they were just children but she seems to be a messed-up soul who does not know here to go. She would be present in some episodes of Forrest’s life but she would always leave him behind.

  • Carrie by Europe

This is a sad song about a love that proves to be not meant to last forever. It is a simple sad music sang with powerful vocals that stood the test of time as it is still loved and adored even up days of Beyonce, Usher and Lady Gaga.

  • Jolene by Dolly Parton

This, unlike the previous songs, was sung by a girl dedicated to another girl. It is about having feelings for a man and being in some kind of a challenge with a girl who is stunningly beautiful. She asks Jolene to not take him away from her because he means the world to her, and that is all she could do because she knows she cannot compete with Jolene.

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