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Give Your Brain a Break

Give Your Brain a Break

Are you studying so hard for a Calculus test or running through your presentation due tomorrow? Are you working on a major project? Have you been putting too much pressure on your brain for several straight hours and it feels like it is going to shut down soon? Give it a break!

Your brain is your most hardworking organ. It works twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Even when you are sleeping, is not fully on rest. Yes, sleeping gives your brain a rest but it still carries out a number of bodily processes that your body needs even during sleep. It works so hard from the moment you are born until… you fall in love. Okay, that’s a little cheesy. But seriously, it works really hard be it day or night from the moment of birth up to the moment of death. The good news is you do not need to shut it down completely for it to have the break your brain needs and deserves since that is quite impossible. To keep your mind sharp and at its best, you have to give it a break. Those breaks would recharge and refresh your tired brain cells. Here are a few tips on how you could give your brain a break.

It would be really helpful if you change the scenery. Free your brain and your eyes and, yes, yourself from those piles of books and papers and laptop screen. Go around the house. Take a look inside your refrigerator (I do that often for no apparent reason). Or better yet, look outside the window and see cars pass by. Look at the leaves being blown by the wind. You may even leave your room, take out your wallet, and look at the picture of your crush. The goal here is to remove your focus from what is draining your energy and shift it to something else.

The next brain break idea is connected to the first one. Take a look around. Go outside. Walk in the park. Breathe in the fresh air. Listen to the sound of nature. Watch the clouds pass by. See the shapes they make. Listen to the birds chirping. Smell the flowers.

According to studies, peppermint could make you more alert both mentally and physically. Take out a peppermint gum or candy and enjoy the minty taste. You may even try to smell it. Or you could even go brush your teeth. Anything connected to mint is a good brain break.

Clear your mind. Meditate and free your mind from all your stresses and responsibilities. It helps you focus your mind better as you get back to work again. You could sit down or lie down in some place that is quiet and a place that is far from your workplace. Breathe in through your nose. Focus your attention to something- maybe the pillow you are lying on or create an image or thought in your head. Keep at it until you feel relaxed and refreshed.


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