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Go for Avocadoes

Go for Avocadoes

Avocado which is colloquially known as the alligator pear is a native fruit in Central Mexico. It has 80 varieties worldwide but the most common is known as the Hass avocado in California and is available throughout the year. For some who claim that avocadoes are one of the fruits to be avoided due to the high fat or calories they contain, you might have got the information wrong. Avocado is actually considered a super fruit because of the nutrients it contains. This fruit is actually a “must” to be included into your diet as suggested by different dieticians worldwide.

What is avocado made of? Why is it healthy? Its pulp and oil contains high amount of hydrocarbons that relieves and soothes dry skin. Regarding the issue on avocado being high in fat, it is because avocado is rich in monounsaturated fat which is a heart-healthy king of fat. People who aim to lose weight often decrease their carbohydrates intake which results to increase in fat intake. This problem is solved by eating avocadoes which contains healthy calories for your body at the same time making you efficient on your low-carb diet. The fruit is also rich in fiber, potassium which is twice more than that from a banana, vitamin E, D, C, B-vitamins and folic acids. In the study to determine if avocado could prevent cancer, they have acquired the fact that avocado is rich in anti-oxidants such as lutein and beta-carotene. It is also studied that some people who took avocadoes in their diet have improved their liver health condition. So what more could you actually ask from a fruit?

What is actually promoted here is to include avocado to your daily diet. It can be used in replacement to the fat you use in baking such as oil, butter and shortening which is healthier. You can also use it as spread in replacement for your butter which is very high in saturated fat. You can also include this in salads, dessert whip, juices blends or you can simply eat it raw which I say is the best despite of having its dull taste because you acquire the nutrients it contains in its very form. Yes, avocadoes are not so sweet due to its low fructose content but this is what makes it very adaptable to different dishes you may plan to include it. There are so many ways in which you can enjoy your avocado. It is also efficient as baby foods for infants because of the high amount of nutritional value it has. What is so good for avocado is that it provides us a healthier option with regards to our fat intake and it is just so nutritious that it is also capable of taking care of our skin and our overall health. All you need to do is practice your creativity and innovate ways on how to enjoy your avocadoes everyday and you’ll be as healthy as the super fruit as they say is here to save the day.

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