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Go Ride a Bike

Go Ride a Bike

Riding a bike would give you just as much exercise as any other aerobic or running routine. It is very good for your cardiovascular health. Also, it tones your muscles. It strengthens your thighs, legs, and rear end. If you go uphill, even your arms and upper body get toned as you stand up while pedalling up to the top. Also, bicycling is gentle on the cartilages and joints. It is best for people who suffer from muscle strain, foot troubles, leg predicaments, knee problems, back pain, and any other injury from running, jogging or walking.

Riding a bike is especially beneficial for overweight people who want to get started on getting fit and cut down the calories. Often, exercise programs are more difficult for overweight people because there would much more pressure on the joints. What these overweight people need are exercises that would go easy on the joints like swimming and, you guessed it, riding a bike. Moreover, regular bike rides could prevent gradually increasing weight gain and waistline expansion. Though you could go biking indoors through gym equipment, it would not compare with biking outdoors. Challenges regarding the wind and terrain are eliminated so if ever you choose to go biking indoors, you need to put it a little more effort.

Be sure that your bike perfectly fits your body. If it does not, it would not work out pretty well. If it does not, many health problems could arise. If it is too big, you may develop neck and back troubles. The seat height is also highly important. If it is too low, it may cause knee cap problems. If it is too high, your knee is still in trouble. The perfect fit is that when you pedal on the lowest position, your leg is almost straight. Take your bike to the bicycle shop and let make the proper adjustments.

Yes, riding the bicycle is very beneficial for the health and is oh-so fun and thrilling. But remember that bike accidents may cause you too much trouble. Remember to stay safe. Wear a helmet every time you go for a ride no matter how short it would take you. Many deaths related to bike accidents are due to severe head injury. Protect your head always. Be sure to buy helmets that are approved by whatever governing body is responsible for checking it. Also, be visible. When going for a ride, wear bright clothing like orange or yellow. Put up a flag to maintain the space between you and other vehicles. As much as possible, only go for a ride during the day. If you really need to go for a ride during the night, wear reflective clothing that are very much available in your nearest bicycle shop, and utilize your bike’s headlights and rear lights. Equip your bike with front, rear and pedal reflectors, a horn, and a rear view mirror. Also, be very wise in choosing which time to go biking. Go during the day and when the weather is fine. You are also not exempted from obeying traffic rules. Wear shoes that would protect your feet. Carry a repair gear and a contacting gadget like a cellphone in case of emergencies.

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