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Going Organic

Going Organic

As of today, many environmentalists and nutritionist are now promoting the use of organic foods. As they have proclaimed, these foods contains less chemicals that can harm the body like pesticides, preservatives and others. It is grown in the most basic and natural way that makes it the best among the rest. We are not simply talking of plants here such as vegetables and fruits. There are also organically grown animals such as fishes, chicken, and beef. These meats are said to be only grown in the most natural way and are fed by simply organic stuff such as plants. However, these foods are more expensive as compared to those food sold in the market.

For environmentalists, supporting organic foods will be a big step in reducing toxic load by keeping chemicals out of the air, water, soil and in our personal bodies. If cannot be fully avoided, farmers are suggested to at least reduce using chemicals for their farms to reduce farm pollution. Using organic fertilizers are promoted to rebuilding healthy soil. Using and promoting organic can protect the future generations by preserving what is still here today. Organic promotes biodiversity as it does not affect the environmental cycle of life. At the same time, using and reusing of organic is the best way of waste management and promote environmental awareness for all. You are not only protecting yourself now but also your children and your grand children’s and the whole future of the next generation.

In terms of taste and nutrition, organic foods are said to be tastier than the conventional ones. It had undergone testing in which it was proven that they are indeed tastier at the same time more nutritious. Organic fruits and vegetables are found to contain higher anti-oxidants than conventional foods. An organic chicken egg is very different in terms of size, color and consistency of the yolk. If you’ll look at an organic egg, you’ll find out that the yolk is near to orange rather than yellow in which you might no longer need to add colorants for the egg-yellow color, the yolk is also much bigger than the common eggs we see in the market and the shell is thicker and doesn’t easily break. You’ll see that indeed it is of higher quality when produced organically. You can be very sure that it is safe such that it has not undergone genetic engineering because it simply focused on what is natural.

Still, we do know that organic farming is not the most efficient farming system in the short run. Going purely organic is labor intensive, slower, harder and more complex than the ones majorly used by farmers worldwide. But right now, if we aim to save ourselves and the world, we should try to eliminate or at least radically reduce dependency to conventional foods that actually builds majority in the market. If you want to check on some organic stuff, there are stores or supermarkets that are now exclusively selling organically produced goods. You can actually check on the label to find if it is 100% organic and rest assured, you can consider yourself as a supporter of biodiversity and nature conservation for the future generations.

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