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Green Tea Perks

Green Tea Perks

If you are someone who deems a cup of tea indispensible while reading your book or relaxing, you have made the right choice. Over the decades, many studies have been conducted regarding tea’s benefits with regards to health. Teas, especially green tea, prove to be a really healthy choice of drink no person should ever miss.

Green tea is rich in powerful antioxidants that fight off diseases. They have the antioxidants called catechins that hunt and destroy free radicals that damage the DNA. These free radicals could possibly cause cancer, blood clot, and atherosclerosis. Just like green tea, grapes, wine, berries and dark chocolate are also rich in this kind of antioxidant. Unlike other kinds of tea, green tea’s catechins and epigallocatechin-3 gallate are more concentrated. This is due to its minimal processing. Other teas have leaves that are fermented while those of the green tea’s are simply withered and steamed.

Green tea is also a potential tool in fighting and preventing cancer. Its antioxidants inhibit cancer growth and kill cancer cells. This has not been fully established yet since researchers are still not sure how many green teas a person should intake before it can be assured that it would be effective to help fight cancer. But still, many experimental studies have shown how green tea minimizes the recurrence and prominence of cancer.

Green tea could also be potentially good for the heart. A study has shown that more green tea consumption leads to lesser risk of experiencing clogging of the heart’s blood vessels. Green tea helps increase the flexibility of the blood vessels thus preventing clogging. Blueberries and pomegranates that are also rich in antioxidants could do the same. On the other hand, we should always be reminded that green tea alone could not make the heart healthy. What is truly important is that we maintain our regular exercise and overall healthy lifestyle.

If you think that is everything green tea has to offer, think again. Green tea is also found to fight off obesity and it also fights off the body’s bad cholesterols. If you think it is not much of a big deal, you better be informed that these two are risk factors for heart ailments and diabetes. Cutting a little weight and being able to control your body’s bad cholesterols are way too useful tools for you to prevent life-threatening diseases. It is worth the try.

If you are thinking of beginning to take food supplements that contain green tea, then do so. It would not hurt. But of course, it would be best to still consult with your health care provider. However, you must also realize that the best way to get the most out of green tea’s numerous benefits is to drink it. Drinking a few cups of green tea everyday could improve and protect your health big time. Another reminder though, do not think of green tea as a form of medication that could cure diseases. It is a complementary drink that would help maintain an overall good health.

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