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Guy’s Romance

Guy’s Romance

Men think far way different from women particularly in romance. Roses, chocolates, and other stuff that we find romantic may be extremely different from that of men. To be able to keep a good relationship especially when you think you found the “right guy” for you or if you are now married, doing an effort for him would be great because believe it or not, men also need and appreciate women’s romantic efforts. But, the things to be done are quite different. I figured it out to ask some guys and found out these simple facts to help women deal with their men.

You don’t give men chocolate for romance. Instead, what you could do is dress up for him. You could wear clothes that he bought for you or clothes that he likes. For married, you may start wearing the lingerie he’s given you. Ask her to choose an outfit for you. Men are more on visual orientation so to make things work-out, it’ll better for you to make an effort.

Keep touching him. Caresses are very well appreciated by men. Touch him all over like tickling him, playing footsies and others. It doesn’t always have to end up with sex but men are just “in” to sex which is actually better. You should feel comfortable with your body and him as a companion especially if you’re married to each other. Better to end up with you rather than searching for someone else.

Give him some time with the boys. Majority of the married men I asked have said that what they miss in their single days were actually free time with pals (men). As such case, it would be better if you will be the one to initiate like in one dinner say invite your best pal to dinner nest time and you’ll be amazed to see  a  glow in their eyes and they’ll really love you for that.

Make your presence known even at office. It’s not saying to come in the middle of a meeting and announce your presence for that’ll be disastrous. For wives, you could just leave a note on his suitcase, a picture of a sexy you saying “think of me…. I’m thinking about you”, or update him on what’s happening at home through a text. It’ll help for him to anticipate getting home to you and remind himself what he’s been working hard for.

Tell him how strong and big he is. Men all want to be heroes in their own ways. By just simply talking to them and saying how thankful you are to have him in your life and how your friends are envious of you having him is perfect. Men like the feeling of being able to satisfy their woman. Though action may speak louder than words, sometimes words really should be said to be able to understand what actions are for.

Show interest in his outside life. Either that be work, hobby or whatever, men appreciate if you show you care for them in whatever they do. However, keep in mind that men also want to have their own way. Women should show support for their men. A simple dinner with his favorite dish at the end of a busy day, or asking him how’s his day or a massage or a beer served when he got home is a good show that you care enough for him and will make his negative energy disappear and would end up his day with a big smile all because of YOU.

Share secrets. As partners or couples, it would make relationship better by telling things that only both of you know. Make him share something to you and you do the same.

Give him a treat. Men might find women’s stuff of treat boring. Instead, give him a pair of ticket to his favorite game or movie. Keep in mind that it’s his treat not yours. So in time, you might agree to do alternating stuff to be able to understand each other more like watching drama for you for the week and watching a thriller movie for him. You can also find new things for you to grow and avoid getting bored with each other.

Make dinner a time longer. Make this a time for both of you. After a busy day at work, this will be the best time to keep in touch with one another. You may lose him at work but make sure he’s yours at dinner. Men may be tired but when women come with her romantic moves, it’s like a regenerating energy they can’t seem to resist.

Stay connected. The best way to understand a man is to talk to him. Men are would speak straight forward without thinking of hurting your feeling so you should be emotionally prepared. Men are not good in understanding actions so better speak to him what you want upfront. You may find this helpful for both of you to be able to understand each other. Don’t worry for as long as you make your point clear and concise, he’ll understand you especially if he loves you very much.

For a relationship to last, both should work together. We, women are very vulnerable and sensitive in many ways in which conflicts men logical and straight forward ways. In such case, as men are demanded to treat their woman well with accordance to women’s standard, we should also do the same by making an effort to understand guy’s romance and work on it to be able to please them. It’s worth a try especially when you know that the man you’ve been looking for is there with you right now. If not, then it’s still good to do your part as a woman so whatever will happen, you are not the one to be blamed on a fail relationship. Hope you may find these tips helpful to understand your man more and make your relationship last. Guy’s romance may be different from women but the best part is that they still need and feel it too. <3


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