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Hair Growing Vitamins

Hair Growing Vitamins

You may be at that point where you have tried all the anti-hair fall shampoos but still suffer those hair falls and it gets worse every day or you just pretend that nothing is actually wrong. Sooner enough, you are starting losing your confidence that in such a young age, you’re suffering what they call alopecia, or pattern baldness. Though men are more exposed to this condition there are also women who suffer hair loss and their hair becomes thinner and weaker. Perhaps you may not have alopecia but just want to have their hair grow thicker and healthier; you need some vitamins for your hair.

You may be fed up with all those expensive hair growing shampoo or anti-hair fall medicines that instead of fixing the problem is just making things worse. As I have said, what you need are vitamins for your hair and the good thing is that there are supplements for your hair. Pattern baldness usually begins around age 30. It is caused in part by the hormone DHT, a derivative of testosterone that attaches to the hair follicles. DHT inhibits the follicles from producing hair at the rate they previously did. The hair begins to thin, and in some cases hair growth can completely stop over large parts of the scalp.

Here are several different types of natural products for hair growth. To make things easier, these are grouped into three: vitamins, minerals and natural extracts.


  • Vitamin B7 or Biotin: renews cells and attaches to fatty acids, preventing them from attacking the hair follicles
  • Vitamin B6: binds to testosterone receptors and helps block their effect on hair


  • Magnesium: blocks inflammatory markers associated with hair loss
  • Zinc: helps produce sebum, the scalp’s natural conditioning oil

Plants or Plant Extracts

  • Pumpkin Seeds: contain oils that block testosterone, plus vitamins and minerals that aid in hair growth and health
  • Nettle Root: blocks DHT and romatase, both of which are associated with alopecia
  • Saw Palmetto: blocks 5-alpha-reductase enzyme from producing DHT
  • Gotu Kola: shown to add length and density to hair
  • Lavender Oil: used externally on the scalp with other essential oils and shown in laboratory tests to increase hair growth up to 44%

Most of these natural supplements have benefits far beyond what they do for hair growth, such as skin, nails and even mental health.One highly recommended supplement is Biotin especially for those who are starters. It is wonderful for follicle and root health, and it is also good for the health of your skin and nails. Biotin is generally safe even in very high doses, but it is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding mothers. As always, check with your doctor if you have questions or concerns and before taking any new supplement.

The best thing is to consult a doctor for recommendation of the supplement you can use. This will help prevent reaction of allergies if you have any and provide you with the most efficient supplement on your particular condition. Though hair is not what defines the beauty of a person, it will really help a lot to boost your confidence wherever you may be when you have that healthy hair growing beautifully inside and out.


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