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Hairstyles, a Closer Look

Hairstyles, a Closer Look

To tell you upfront, quit listening to those who say what hairstyle is in this year and what’s not. We

should learn to accept the fact that our faces do not change every year, that not all hairstyles would look
good on us, that we do not need to follow the trend.

If you choose that long, straight and silky almost-Rapunzel kind of hair, go for it. Not only does it look
really feminine and sweet, it is also very easy to style. It can be deemed as one of the classics in terms of

If you’re a fan of that Brave’s Merida curly locks, head straight to the salon and take that perm
treatment you’ve always wanted. It’s very much alive and is surely a head turner. With every tilt of the
head, let the curls do their job.

And if you want to be a tough-looking chic, do not be afraid to cut your hair short. Be that confident and
always-up-to-an-adventure kind of gal. Show them what you got. Or maybe you want that elegant bob
that can make you less of a girl and more of a woman. Feel free to follow your heart’s desire.

Or maybe you’re the girl who is born to standout, the girl who does not need hair to look beautiful. That
skinhead can never make you look any less of a girl. Rather, it sets focus on your face and emphasizes
that a truly beautiful woman is always pretty with or without those strands.

Long, short, curly, straight, a lot, a little, and even none- it doesn’t really matter. You just have to find
what fits you and your personality perfectly. Remember that there’s no such thing as the best hairstyle,
only the best hairstyle for you.

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