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Handling Office Woes

Handling Office Woes

While there could be many sources of office woes, it is a fact that some people’s biggest problem in the office is their disagreeable co-workers. Of course, we are ought to meet someone whom we find unpleasant and who finds us unpleasant as well. We live in a world filled with people of different beliefs and idealisms, and it is very likely that theirs would crash with ours. But before going on a war with that colleague, calm down and see what else you could do.

The first thing to do is maintain your distance. It does not have to be a physical wall that separates you both. It is more of building up an emotional wall. Make yourself feel like he is nothing more than a person you have to work with. Do not let his words or actions affect you in any way. If you have to work together in a group, focus on the task at hand instead of the people you work with. Also, only ask questions that are related to what you are doing so there would be less interaction. And if you have to talk to that annoying colleague, just text or email him. But if you really have to talk to that person, be sure that there are other people nearby.

Also, it would really be helpful if you try to change yourself. It is easy to see other people’s mistakes but it quite hard to see ours. Look deep into yourself and realize what you are doing wrong. Also, try to change the way you see things. Instead of letting what other people say affect you, just focus on your work and know that you are at the office to do your job and not to make friends. Do not let their criticisms get in the way of your power performance at work.

In changing your perspective, it encompasses the way you see your annoying co-worker. Focus on her positive qualities rather than always dwelling on her negative ones. The secret to a great working environment with other people is seeing their good side instead of focusing on their bad ones.

If you have to work with that person, come up with a good plan. Make a clear goal on where your task should be headed. Level your expectations with regards to your objectives, deadlines, expected outputs, and control measures. Be objective and logical.

And if you feel that you are already ready to talk with that person, make the initiative to talk to him. Bring up the problem directly to him. And focus on what he does wrong, not on the person himself. If you attack him directly, he would surely get even. Also, do not give general comments but specific ones. As soon as there is an issue, say it as soon as possible. Delaying would just make the issue harder to recall.

And if you have done everything but it does not make any good progress, it could be time to contact the bosses. Consult them for advice. It shows a proactive behavior and your willingness to make the situation better.

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