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Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Sometimes, our feet are way underrated and worse, under cared for. They carry our entire body weight almost one whole day long. They take us places and cover great distances. They work too hard and yet they get so little pampering in return. We often take our feet for granted. This time, it is time to pay them back for their service. Here are some ways to treat our feet right.

While a good foot spa occasionally may sound great, we do not need to actually spend too much to give our feet the attention and pampering they truly deserve. There would always be ways that may appear to be simple but would make our feet really very happy only if they had their own hypothalamus.

It is highly suggested to wash our feet often. We should give attention especially to the in-between of the toes. We should wash them carefully and regularly with a washcloth. All it takes is a little bending over while in the shower and reach for our tiny little friends down there. If you could not manage your balance well and tend to stumble when bending over, just wash the feet under the faucets whether you are in a tub or using a handheld shower. We should make sure that we completely dry them afterwards. Washing and drying the feet regularly cuts the risk of athlete’s foot, odor and the development of bacteria and fungus.

It also recommended moisturizing our feet after washing. This is especially needed during dry winter months. Moisturize your feet as much and as often as needed. It does not require some expensive products or moisturizers. All you need is your usual lotion and creams.

It is also suggested to alternate the pair of shoes you are wearing everyday. It means having at least two pairs that you would alternately. This gives the shoes a time to be aired out to help avoid the development of odor and infections. It is also a must to change socks or stocking more than once a day. In cases of smelly feet, you could try to soak your feet in a mixture of vinegar and water.

Also, try to protect your feet from getting hurt. Avoid wearing tight shoes that would just worsen bunions, distort the toe shape, and cause painful foot growths. If you like wearing high heels, choose a pair with wide and stable heels. You should also opt for heels with two inches as the maximum height. Also choose shoes with wide toe boxes that do not begin to narrow until after the ball of the foot. To avoid the tendency of the shortening of the Achilles tendon, alternate heel heights everyday.

Also, do not be very avid fans of flats and flip flops. Such footwear does not provide arch support. They tend to make women develop flat feet which may spring to other foot problems. Even walking barefoot does not help. Opt for footwear that provides arch support.

Be very cautious in having pedicures at salons. Make sure that the instruments and tubs are clean.

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