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Having Healthy Skin

Having Healthy Skin

In terms of women’s health care, a woman’s wellness could be reflected even in something seemingly superficial like the glow and healthiness of the skin. The skin’s overall good appearance does not only depend on what kind of body products you use. It goes so far as reflecting what kind of food you eat, how much stress you are handling, and the kind of environment you live and work in.

Food has long been used by women to increase the quality of the skin. One of the most popular natural beauty products would be the cucumber. However, you would be greatly amazed to find that having beautiful and glowing skin is not only about what you apply on it but also what you let enter your body. There are certain kinds of nutrients that, provided they are in abundant supply inside our body, would make the skin look its best. Are you ready to find out what these nutrients are? Then, let’s go.

First, be sure that you have enough intakes of Vitamins E and C. It has been proven by studies and researches that these two vitamins help protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. These two are commonly found in supplement form. Your ascorbic acid that strengthens the immune system is the Vitamin C. Moreover, Vitamin C is an essential component in collagen synthesis which helps hold the skin together and give it its tone. The best food sources for Vitamin E are fish, dried beans, and cereals, while citrus fruits, berries and potatoes are best sources of Vitamin C.

Essential fatty acids are also nutrients that help improve the appearance of the skin. According to studies, the amount of mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats in the body especially omega-3 could help protect the skin from the sun and minimize skin aging. The best food sources are cold-water fishes like salmon, mackerel and tuna.

Teas, more particularly green teas, are also helpful in protecting and improving the quality of the skin. Teas are rich in polyphenols that help prevent skin cancer. According to a conducted research, people who drank tea most especially tea with lemon are less likely to develop skin cancer.

Another powerful antioxidant aside from teas would be Vitamin A. Vitamin A offers a lot more than keeping our eyes bright and our vision sharp. It has been proven that Vitamin A moisturizes the skin. One must not supplement with Vitamin A and it is hard to find in foods. However, its precursor, beta-carotene, is easy to find and is turned to Vitamin A once it reaches the small intestines. The best food sources are orange, red and yellow fruits and veggies like carrots, cantaloupes, and sweet potatoes, as well as green leafy vegetables like broccoli.

Having a healthy looking and actually healthy skin is not dependent on the soap and lotion and other beauty products we buy and apply on the skin. More importantly, it is dependent on the levels of certain nutrients in our body. Eating healthy does not only give a disease-free body but a healthy and glowing skin as well.

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