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Healing Your Broken Heart

Healing Your Broken Heart

Many of us have experienced being cheated by our boyfriends leading to break-ups making us feel uneasy or irritated or the combination of it, but did you know that it also cause us much problems with our health, lifestyle, and social life. As it had been normal for us to be in situations like that, isn’t good if we change its effects on ourselves and to alter its worst effects on us. Relationship is one crucial thing that affects a woman’s mental, social, and emotional health so it is good if we know how to handle sudden situations like seeing your boyfriend or your husband in the act of cheating unto you.

According to a research conducted by some private organization, women are more affected in problems with relationship with regards to the opposite sex or the family. They are commonly the most critical targets of depression and emotional stress which sometimes leads to suicidal tendencies or stress related mental disorders. Frantically speaking, there are many cases of which women who experiences emotional stress sometimes lose themselves making them insane or somewhat mentally unable to face more stress or problems from their environment. So let’s take it easy, here are some ways that can help you handle this “heart problems”.

Think about the Positives. There are so many problems in life and thinking too much of its negative sides will leave you in the worst situations in life that you could really handle if only you think positively. If you learn how to manage your problems easily and positively you’ll see the better side of your life even you have been broken.

Don’t trash your past; use it to improve your being. Problems are just challenges given to us by God that we can really handle if we think and plan to solve it carefully. If you have made a mistake on your last relationship, don’t just throw it out of your box, use it to recover yourself faster and build-up yourself to make you stronger as you face challenges like that.

Share your problems with a close friend or a family member. Sharing thought is one way to ease up the tension that your heart had been experiencing. Set a date with your best friend or you mother and sister and cry all your problems to them, let them know what are you going through, then let them give advice on how to deal with your problems as they are the one who really know your personality.

Make yourself busy with other things. Entering a workout, painting or writing a poem can release all your pains and doubts suddenly. With each word you write on a specific poem will wipe out the tears that you have shed for all the problems in your relationship. Running or biking early morning can make your heart beat faster than the feeling when you’re confronting with your ex. The sights that you can see as you pass through every road will be breathtaking and relaxing if you are near the sea or a rice field.

Even with a heart break you can still be happy. Just learn to live and let go of all the hard things in life when you can’t carry it by yourself.




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