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Health Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is not only about boosting your romantic relationship with your partner or finding pleasure. Having sex, especially when on a regular basis, could actually offer a handful of good things that would benefit one’s own state of health. Here are but some of the health benefits of having sex.

As a matter of fact, having sex could relieve stress and lower the blood pressure. People who have had an intercourse before engaging in a stressful situation had better performing blood pressure. Also, the diastolic blood pressure tends to be lower among people who live together with their partners and have sex often.

Having sex at least once a week could also boost the performance of one’s immune system. Sex has been associated with an antibody called immunoglobulin A which protects the body from acquiring colds and other forms of infection.

Sex also burns calories. Thirty minutes of sex could burn up to eighty five calories or even more. It may not be that much but if you add up regular sexual activities and do the math, the figures would be significant enough to help you lose weight. Sex is a great form of exercise though it takes both physical and psychological wellness to be able to do it properly.

Sex is also found to be good for the heart. People who have sex at least twice a week have lower risk of experiencing a fatal heart attack. But many people worry that sex may cause them to get stroke when they are older. However, no connection has been found between sex and stroke.

Sex improves one’s self-esteem. One of the many reasons why people engage in a sexual activity is to feel better about themselves. If the sex is loving and makes the two people connected, it boosts the self-esteem. Of course, self-esteem is not about other people. Self-esteem is all about you- how you feel about yourself. You do not need another person to feel good about who you are. But still, some good sex may help you feel better about yourself.

Sex improves and strengthens the intimacy between the partners. Having sex and orgasms results to the production of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. It is the hormone that triggers the brain to help people bond and build their trust. Having physical contact with one’s partner is found to boost the oxytocin levels in the body. Oxytocin is also found to have something to do with the feeling of generosity.

Sex relieves pain. Oxytocin also boosts the endorphin levels in the body. Endorphin is the body’s own painkiller. Headache, arthritis and PMs are also found to be relieved after sex. Oxytocin levels in the body could reduce the pain by half.

Sex also proves to improve the sleeping patterns and state of a person. The oxytocin released during an orgasm is found to promote a person’s sleep. And getting enough sleep, in turn, has numerous health benefits like healthy weight and better blood pressure.

So you see, sex is not merely about sharing the love you have for your partner. It could do so much as to help you stay healthy.

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