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Health Boosters

Health Boosters

Keeping yourself fit and healthy doesn’t merely depend on the food that you eat. You may be surprise that some of the things that people do are already good for their health without knowing it to themselves. Food, physical activities and rest works together in balance to make sure your body gets the care it really deserves. Here are combinations of things that you might find useful to boost up your current health status.

 Dancing. Though not all are not be good at this, but it is a skill that can be learned through practice and it is actually good for the body. Putting weight into your bones through dancing allow your bones to absorb more calcium that can prevent you from having osteoporosis in the future. Aside from that, it strengthens the muscle while provide you with agility and flexibility that you need. With the right music, you can start your way on the dance floor!

Chocolate. Good thing that not all that tastes good is bad for the health which is proven with chocolate. According to the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, a cup of warm chocolate drink is good to boost your heart health, brain health and immune system. Just remember though, too much of everything is bad so better moderate your chocolate intake.

Fishoils/ healthy oils. These are the Omega-3 fatty acids which can be found majorly in fish. It reduces inflammation and prevents you from heart diseases and cancer risks. If you are not a fan of fish meals, better trying it know. It’s delicious and safer as compared to pork or beef.

Kissing. Now, you now find another good reason to kiss. You may not know it, but kissing is really good for everyone. It can help you get rid of allergies if you do it at least 30 minutes. Just make sure the person you’re kissing doesn’t have flue or other diseases that can be transmitted through kissing and you’ll be good.

Laughing. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It allows the brain to release happy hormones and relieve you from stress. Just have that good laugh in the start of your day and you’ll find yourself in a perfect mood that could last all day long without medicine.

Drink a lot of water. I think water is one thing that can be taken in excess in our body and would still bring no side effects. Actually only a few people are able to rich the minimum water intake for our body. as pollution in the whole world seems to get worse, the more water you need to purify yourself from different harmful things in your environment. 8-10 glasses will do and water can prevent you from urinary infection, improve your skin and keep your kidneys in good condition.

These are just some facts that need to be reminded to us once in a while to be able to know if we are still on track on our health. You may find it weird sometimes that the best things for us are just so simple such as chocolate, water, a kiss and happiness.


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