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Health insurance: a Right or a law to have?

Health insurance: a Right or a law to have?

Some questions regarding health insurance policy is on how is it acquired and how will you know if you are already insured. Having a health insurance is a great benefit for all mankind especially if there’ll be certain illness that would be costly to handle alone. The health insurance is the one responsible to aid you at certain limits depending on the policy you are under. But, is it like an item to brought or is it something mandatory for your benefit as a citizen of the country? It really depends on the laws in a particular country.

In some countries, like United Kingdom or Canada, health care coverage is provided by the state and is seen as every citizen’s right – it is comes along as a part of a public service for the nation such as public education, the police, firefighters, street lighting, and public road networks.

In United States of America, health insurance coverage is seen somewhat differently – with the exception of some groups, such as elderly and/or disabled people, veterans and some others, it is the individual’s responsibility to be insured. More recently, the Obama Administration has introduced laws making it mandatory for everybody to have health insurance, and there are penalties for those who fail to have a policy of some kind. It is not actually a right but an obligation for all citizens to follow.

The Affordable Care Act made it possible for young adults aged between 19 and 25 to join or stay on their parents’ health plans in 2011. A Commonwealth Fund report informed that 13.7 million young adults remained or got onto their parents’ health plans; this included 6.6 million people who would not have been able to do so if the Act had not been signed.

According to an eHealthInsurance survey carried out in 2010, the average monthly premiums among its customers were $167 per month for an individual, with an average deductible of $2,632. Family plans cost an average $392 per month with a $3,531 deductible.

The law has been made to address certain conditions occurring in the USA such as;

  • Since the late 1990s, millions of US citizens have found themselves with absolutely no health cover at all. The number of “uninsured” Americans is at over 50 million while only tens of millions more have inadequate insurance.
  • A Commonwealth Fund 2011 report informed that 26% of all US citizens of working age experienced a gap in health insurance coverage; many lost their health insurance when they either became unemployed or changed jobs.
  • Americans with long-term or serious illnesses are the least able to pay for their medical bills among the leading developed nations in the world, a Commonwealth Fund International Survey reported in November, 2011.

Everybody at some time in their life, and often on many occasions, will need some kind of medical attention and treatment. When medical care is required, ideally the patient should be able to concentrate on getting better, rather than wondering whether he/she has got the resources to pay for all the bills. This is how health insurances are made for. It provides the necessary help a patient needs to avoid worries and focus o getting better. Managing these concerns is becoming a priority of developing countries. As person, you should make sure to have one because it would be a great help for you especially as a woman.

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