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Health Status of Women in Tamil

Health Status of Women in Tamil

It was like many centuries where women were treated like very low creatures as compared to men. Now, we are lucky enough to have our rights elevated and our worth given importance. If you are experiencing that right now, you can consider yourself lucky. This is true because right now, you may not believe me, but there are still those women who despite the big change the whole world is experiencing are still out there in the dark corner hoping to see the light of being free; free in a society that treats them unfairly, free to do what she wants, free from this life that in the first place no one would have wanted to have. I’ve been writing articles on being fit, healthy and having a life of wellness for such time, that right now, I think I have to let you know that you really should grab the opportunity to be one because the chance is yours for the taking. Why? Because there are women such as in Tamil Nadu India who as much as they wanted to live fit, healthy and live in wellness, were never given the chance. As you get to know the health status of women in Tamil and their whole life in general, you might start treasuring all the pleasures you are able to experience in your life right now. You may start valuing your life rather than complaining on whatever you’re facing right now for these Tamil women are sure facing more trials worse than you could ever get.

If you’re not familiar with Tamil women, let me tell you a bit about Tamil people. Majority of Tamil people are found in Tamil Nadu which made up the majority of the Union Territory of Pondicherry, a former French Colony or are scattered all over India. In Sri Lanka, they are categorized into two; the Sri Lankan Tamil (those that lives in Colombo Sri Lanka) and the Indian Tamil (those that lives in the Highlands. Tamil people in Sri Lanka begun as some Tamil in India migrated in Sri Lanka on the 10th century. There are also those who migrated in Malaya, South Africa, Fiji, Mauritus and Carribean on the 15th century who retained their culture as Tamil which are called Tamil Diaspora. Tamils are known for martial arts, religious and mercantile activities.

Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest among the 28 states of India. As of 2012, it is the second largest state economy in India and the 7th most populous state. The place is considered the most urbanized state in India. However, gender discrimination among women has always been an issue. That is, they do not like women and worst, they reduce the number of women in many ways.

Starting from birth, female infanticides are very common. In year 1998, the Primary Health Center (PHC) recorded 3226 female infants killed. The medical advancement intended to help improve women health care such as scan centers has become a hostile to the female children as female feticides takes place after determining the sex of the baby in the womb. The scanners were supposed to determine the baby’s condition inside the womb, but instead it has been a tool to kill female babies through abortion. This has brought a decline sex ratio at birth with 986 Female: 1000 male as of 2001. Only one or two girls in the family can be accepted.  The health status of women in Tamil becomes worse as they experience post partum depression when they failed to conceive a boy and have a girl baby killed making them commit suicide.

The women health care service improved since 1995 through access to health information and health service counseling. However, 40% of death in Tamil had been due to anemia, which could have been prevented if proper women health care assistance was offered. Young married women suffer from reproductive tract infection and lead to severity of the problem due to low rates of treatment seeking and postulates due to low social status.  Women suffer mostly form physical and psychological abuse from their husbands. According to hospital records, women who were examined were mostly suffering from physical and sexual abuse. It was studied that men in Tamil has been very abusive over women with a 42.4 % as compared to the 5.4 % woman who abuses another woman. Physical assault with 93.8 % is the most common form of women violence followed by abusive language with 92.5 %.

The government has claimed superiority of its schemes for women welfare, but still, with all the numerous schemes, it still stands as the top most country in terms of women in prisons. Gender disparities continue to prevail in relation to primary access to health care, education and work load. Half of women marry earlier or at the age of 18 in which 25 % marry their first cousins or other relatives. Post natal mortality is higher among children in such marriage. Crime against women increases form 2494 in 1990 to 5074 in 1998. Among 79.65 % women voters, only 11 % came in the last 2001 election. Though literacy rate increase through the years the difference of educated women versus men is still huge with 64.55 % for women and 82.33 % in men. Government claimed 93.35 % enrollment of girls it the primary schools, however, fragility of school attendance process can be recognized due to high levels of female dropouts with 82.54 % on girls and 77.54 % on boys according to the Statistic handbook of Tamil Nadu. This shows that girls undergo difficult obstacles to continue their education with regular attendance rate.

The Community Health Development Program (CHAD) has been working for more than 50 years to elevate the health status of women in Tamil as well as their overall well being. They worked on animal husbandry, agriculture, adult and non-formal education and community development to provide women with more opportunities. They analyzed that the community with its strong male bias utilizes the health care facilities, education and employment programs for the benefit of men. New Life for Women and Children of Tamil Nadu is a self funded NGO by Beatrice Vanga is also empowering women by seeking help for improving the life status of female sexes in Tamil Nadu. Amongst all the help, the health status of women in Tamil worsen as they experience degradation brought by the society they belong. Depression can lead to various illnesses such as heart failure, body weakness and other which if not treated earlier, can lead to serious disease or even death. Their lack of right and worth in the society is what frightens them to fight for their right to health and their right to a good life. What to be done is to enlighten the whole society particularly the perspective of men in Tamil over the women. We should provide counseling for all to make them realize the mistakes they have been continuously committing up to now. Unless all the people realize women’s worth in the society, that is the only time that they can show their worth and contribute to the development of the society. Women are essential as co-partners in development of the world and in continuing human race. You are important so treasure yourself to be a treasure to others and help those who are like the women in Tamil by empowering them to fight for their right; the right to live as human, and live how a WOMAN should be.


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