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Healthy Food Disclaimers

Healthy Food Disclaimers

As they say they are good for your health, you may start getting yourself fooled by these different advertisements and celebrities and enjoying your life by taking up food that “you think” healthy which is actually otherwise. So as you go along the supermarket, you can start checking the label not only for the expiration date but also on its nutritional labels and ingredients to verify what they actually say is true. Here are some foods that may be right now you think is good but is actually not.

Enhanced water such as those sold in the market labeled vitamin water which is said to be fortified with different vitamins and minerals that are good for you. Actually, this depends on the person and the vitamin and mineral requirement you might be in need to supplement on. If you are already having supplements and still take vitamin water, you might end up having too much of it which is not so good for you. One example is the excess calcium supplement is not good for you heart. Another thing is that these types of drinks are added with sugar which is not so good if you are actually on a diet.

Low-fat or reduced fat Peanut butter is just a foolish thing to take. Oil is the healthiest part of a nut and contains most of its nutrients. As such, reducing the fat is like reducing the nutrients you were supposed to have. So, there is actually no use for buying and eating it. At the same time, you really don’t have to fear about the fat peanut butter can give you because they are already heart-healthy. Just make sure you buy those natural peanut butter and you’re sure to acquire the nutrients you want to have.

Energy bars or those meal replacement bars are often done by those people busy at work or those who want to reduce their food intake to lose weight or to build muscle. However, these energy bars are very high in calories and unfortunately the calories they contain are not actually heart-healthy. These are only good for those who are undergoing extreme workout in which they can actually consume all the calories from the bars for energy. What is very much suggested is to replace these with fruits and vegetables if you really want to lose weight. For those who want to build muscles, try eating yogurt instead.

Multigrain food is different from whole wheat grain foods. This should be clear to everyone. Multigrain food is a very confusing food because you cannot be sure on what you are taking into your body. They normally have enriched wheat flour which is also called refined flour that is not good for those who try to decrease their carb intake. They contain high glycemic index which can lead you to an increase in the blood sugar level which is a NO for your health.

It really pays to check the labels. Make sure what you buy is actually what you need to avoid buying food that are just useless or are harmful to your health. With the different processed foods around the market, it’s better to be wise enough and not depend on what they say to you.


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