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Healthy Food Travel

Healthy Food Travel

During a long trip such as vacation with loved ones or just a trip alone for work or for whatever reasons you have to be away from home, the most difficult part is keeping up on your healthy diet. You just can’t seem to prevent it but you’ll commonly end up consuming food on fast foods, microwave ready bags, chips for snacks and a lot of soda.  These foods are totally unhealthy such that most have high calories, bad cholesterol and low nutritional value. During the trip, you might end up suffering with stomach or digestive problems, fatigue and unfavorable mood because your whole body has been manipulated by the wrong type of food you eat. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your whole kitchen inside your car unless that would be bringing along an RV for your trip which is not so practical especially when you are not really going on a recreational trip. Just keeping in mind some of these tips might help you to keep that healthy lifestyle whenever and wherever you might have to be.

First thing to do is to think of the time that your trip is going to cover. May that be by car, ship or by plane; you have to know how long the trip would take you to your destination. This will normally give you the idea of what meals you have to prepare. If it could just be around 5 hours trip, a light snack or a sandwich such as peanut butter or homemade protein bars  might do the trick in which you can actually prepare at home and carry along the trip. However, for day-long trip, you might have to do some further research.

Check the internet on the food radius where you can actually buy food along the way or even to your destination which includes restaurants and even grocery stores. By having the options, you can now sort out which among the restaurant satisfy your healthy diets. You can already choose what you are going to eat along the road. For some who are bothered for too much fast foods, you can seek for Subway that allows you to choose the ingredients in your sandwiches. In restaurants, you can choose those that are served with vegetable with fruits since they are high in fiber that is good for digestion. Be careful for taking up salads because most salad dressings are high in calories. What you opt to avoid is too much sweet especially if you are the one driving. Sweets can stimulate your mood for a short time but can make you feel sleepy along the road which is not good for driving. Nuts as side snacks are good for they stimulate your mind such as almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts.

In terms of sanitation, it would always be best to prepare food yourself but if cannot be avoided, just choose clean restaurants or food chains to eat your meal. Make sure to have your three important meals for you to have the strength to travel. Just always bring water everywhere you go to keep yourself properly hydrated and avoid too much soda since it can make you feel bloated and is not good for your bladder.

The key in keeping your healthy diet along the road is to plan and choose the food that would be healthiest for you. It is as simple as avoiding what is bad and going for the good. May this keep you healthy with no excuses on wherever you may be. Have a safe and healthy travel!


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