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Healthy Vacation

Healthy Vacation

When travelling out of town to have some fun and relaxation, be sure that your vacation really would not cause you troubles. Be smart in preparing for your vacation and you are sure to have the best time of your life. Happy trip!

Before jumping into your car or boarding the plane for a long-awaited journey, be sure that everything is already well-planned and taken care of. As you book your hotel and resort reservations, be sure to find a nearby gym of fitness center and check the Internet for restaurants that would offer the healthiestmeals at the best prices. Never care less about your health wherever you go. Plan it well. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Also, keep your medications in proper bottles with their prescriptions to avoid unwanted stops by the security. Moreover, be safe from bringing home nasty bedbugs by using resealable plastic bags to store your clothes in and opt for hard-sided luggage.

It I also highly suggested that you bring with you a pack of nuts, string cheese, and fruit in your hand carry. You could easily make your instant oatmeal while on your flight as the flight attendant could provide you with your needed hot water. When you go for a bite at the airport, go for a healthy salad without the cheese and choose light dressing.

And during vacation, keep away from germs. Germs travel fast. Keep them away by always having your alcohol-based sanitizer with you at all times. Spray some on your hands before and after eating a meal. Spray some most especially after using the toilet. It is also suggested that you spray some on your tray and use newspaper as a placemat.

When you travel for long hours, see to it that you be able to move your legs. When on a plane, go for an aisle so that you could easily stand and walk around. If standing is not possible, move your knees up and down and move your feet in circles. Doing so helps prevent blood clots that could form in your legs due to long periods of sitting.

To prevent motion sickness, limit anything that stimulates the sense of sight. Put on something that could cover your eyes like sunglasses and lie down if possible. Also, this means no books or tablets. You may also swallow a stabilizer at least an hour before departure if you are prone to vomiting.

To avoid jet lag, drink water and skip the booze on your flight. Dehydration worsens the jet lag symptoms. Use your usual wake-up time, sleep habits, and home time zone. This would give you a guide when to savor all the sunlight and when to hit the hotel room to get some snooze.

Also, make it easy for you to rest. To sleep soundly in an unfamiliar place, ask for hotel rooms that do not face the busy streets and are far from elevators. When on a cruise, do not go for cabins below the pool deck. And if you do not surf the Internet or watch the TV as you lie in bed at home, then do not even when away from home.


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