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heels or wedges?

heels or wedges?

While heels and wedges may be similar, they are different in fashion and style. In general, shoes normally have the “heel” set under the heel of the foot but for wedges, it runs under the foot from the back of the shoe to the middle or front. Both can range from low to high. For every woman is a heart for the “highness” of the shoes. Women just can’t get good enough of them.

High heels, the tower of female footwear signifies empowerment, vulnerability, sexual allure, femininity, subversion, and others making complex contradictions. For the British, the average height of heels would be 8.25 cm. Those who are brave enough could wear 10-15 cm like Victoria Beckhan, Kelly Brook and other fashion models known today. There is the Duchess of Cambridge who promoted the lengthening power of the “nude’ platform stiletto making her legs look longer and has been admired by different women all over the world.

Wearing high heels have been a symbolism of sexual and financial freedom of women today. It signifies that women now have control of their lives. It also signifies transformation giving them a magical aura as the story of Cinderella and her glass shoes showed how one become glamorous with just a pair of high-heeled shoes.

There are basically several things why women tend to love high heels. They make you stand out by looking taller. Even with a simple outfit, you can still shine out with a right pair of high heels. It makes you feel and of course look sexy no matter how big you may be. It never makes you look fat. As of today, high heels are everywhere and may come cheaply  that it don’t have to cost a fortune just to have the effects that killer heels could give. Even though physical distress is an issue for wearing heels, women tend to accept it as a constitutional part of the pleasure of courtship and mating. For some, this has been an attraction for men such that it’s like the sacrifice of women for the men. So pain is no longer an issue.

As for wedges, it has begun in history since 1930’s after the World War II, shortage of leather and rubber was solved by the use of cork as sole for shoes. It provided a lighter and more comfortable effect on feet. It has been in used by both men and women during 1970’s. Today, wedges have come in different styles and are now used by well known models and artists worldwide.

If you’re looking for comfort, wedge shoes or sandals can definitely give it to you. As the weight of the body is no longer concentrated on the heels, it reduces the tendency for injuries, and leg pain. As compared to the high and slim heels, wedges prevent accidents like tripping, ankle twist, heels being stuck and broken, or feet pain when being stepped over. It reduces the possibility of having blisters and calluses. It’s easier to walk with as you can maintain balance easily. For soft grounds like grass and mud, wedge shoes will not sink unlike the heels. And today, it has been developed with different styles that can fit on any outfit and keep that stylish look.

Either which of the two will both give you that great look as long as you manage to carry your outfit well. What is the final verdict? Still depends on you. Men really like the look of women on heels but if you consider comfort over men, you know what to choose.

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