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He’s Not a Keeper

He’s Not a Keeper

You should only welcome a man into your heart if he proves to be a keeper- someone whose love for you is strong and true, and someone who would do everything to make you feel loved and cared for. But how do you know if you are dating the wrong guy? Watch out for these signs.

That guy is not a keeper if he likes to flirt around. Appreciating the beauty of other women is but natural to guys. Even girls appreciate other guys’ good looks, right? But if he tries to get along with those women when he already declared his love for you or when you two decided to go exclusive, get rid of this guy instantly.

Another sign that your guy is not a keeper is when he keeps talking about his former girlfriend.  Striking up conversations about your past relationships is pretty normal especially when you two are just getting to know each other. But when your guy keeps on mentioning his ex and, worse, when he compares you to her, maybe he still has not moved on from his past relationship and you are just his rebound. But you could also be the one who has not moved on yet so be careful to not make your guy your rebound as well.

A guy is not a keeper if he is overly possessive of you and your time. It is okay and actually cute if your guy cares about you when you are not together and he wants to know who you are with. But if he keeps on insisting that you should be together every minute of every day, chances are he is not a keeper. A keeper respects your independence. Always remember that.

While it is true that opposites attract, having nothing in common could be a sign of great trouble. He is a good-looking guy and has a high-paying job, but you do not share any common interest or value. Too much difference between the both of you could make you both feel disconnected and unsatisfied. If you are into each other, you should try to immerse yourself into your partner’s interests because you want to know him better. If getting to know your interests does not interest him, he is not a keeper. And if involving yourself into his interests does not interest you, you are not a keeper.

It is okay if you date a guy who has financial problems. What is not okay is if he tries to pull himself out of the mud through you. While financial problems should not break your relationship with a guy, financial disparities and disagreements could cause problems when you two already settle down.

When you do not know where you stand with your guy, he must not be a keeper. He could be texting you sweet messages and always asks you out, but when you start asking what your relationship status really is, he starts making excuses. A keeper would never let you doubt  his love.

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