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Home Gym : Setting it up

Home Gym : Setting it up

Building your very own home gym is the answer to all your fitness needs. If you want to cut the cost of gas and transportation expenses just to reach your nearest gym, if you want to minimize the time wasted travelling to and fro the gym, and if you want to do your exercises at midnight or at four in the morning, then the only thing you would ever need is a home gym. We are here to give you the basic knowledge you need in setting up your paradise of physical fitness and healthy body figure.

Before determining what equipments and materials you need for your own home gym, there are some things you need to consider first. First, you must find a space in your home where you would put your gym and do all your workout routines. You must decide where you want to put it. Would you want it in your spare bedroom, in an office space you are not using, or in your patio? Those would be good choices. However, in case you do not have any spare room, there is no need to worry. You could choose a room that is spacious enough to double as your workout area. You could put your equipments in the living room where you could both relax or exercise. Also, to help boost your energy level during workouts, make your space as light and airy as possible. If adding windows is not very feasible, you could just add more light sources to the room. Also keep the workout area spacious and not too compacted with equipments. Bringing in plants would also be a good idea. Ferns, bamboo plants, and spider plants are among the best natural air purifiers. Clear your space of clutters and distractions. Remove everything that would divert you attention from your workout- gadgets, gizmos, magazines. Adding a mirror would also help so you could monitor your movements. It lets you be your own fitness instructor. Moreover, mirrors help making the space look larger that it really is.

Now, we move on into choosing your gym equipments. You do not need gigantic and overly expensive machines for your home gym. You may not even realize it but the best and most vital equipments you would need are actually quite small and inexpensive. Even if you do not have lots of extra cash and space, your dream home gym would still be a very reachable reality. A classic component of any gym would be your set of dumbbells. You need varying weights for the different parts of your body. You may also want to have DVDs or books of fitness programs to keep you guided on your journey to having your dream body. A doorway chin-up and pull-up bar would also be great if you want to tone your upper body. A yoga mat is also a good addition to the list. Though it is kind of heavy, like nine pounds, it is dense and durable. You would not need to buy another mat for the rest of your life. You may also want to have interval timers to aid your personalized workouts. It beeps when your recovery period starts and when you need to go intense on your training. Whether you set up a home gym to have your dream body or simply to stay fit and healthy, cardio is always a must. You may, or you must, want to save up a little for a treadmill. It allows you to walk briskly, simply run, or run at intervals. It the equipment you may probably get the most out of. A medicine ball is also good equipment for working out your muscles especially your abs. Find the weight that is just right for you and work on it. It is highly durable and not necessarily expensive. And to work out your tight and sore muscles, you would want to have the stick. Its results would be like of that of a sports massage. It eliminates trigger points and knots and makes your muscle tissues more flexible and less susceptible to pain. This may not be a necessity or would help you physically, but putting up motivational posters in the room could help psychologically. It would motivate you to not give up working out. Who knows, a motivational quote might be all you need to help you endure your physically challenging workout until the end. A resistance band would also be a fairly good investment and is easy to store when you are done with them. For different lower body workouts, you may want to invest on gliding discs. For cheaper alternatives, you may just use towels or plastic container tops. Besides being easy to store and cheap, a jump rope also offers a variety of benefits. It is great for warming up before you start lifting weights, it adds cardio bursts into your circuit training, and burns lots of calories in little time. Since yoga mats would not be thick enough to aid you in your cardio or circuit training at home, you may want to consider buying an exercise mat. The considerably thick padding makes floor workouts comfortable and it is easy to store. The portable stair climber is light and could fit right under the couch. Besides giving your legs a good exercise, it also has bands to work out your arms as well. You may also invest for a dock for your phone or music player. That is one of the many advantages of having your own home gym. You need not to wear earphones and keep your energizing music to your own. You could fill the room with the music that keeps you motivated. For cooling down, you also need a foam roller. It helps you massage almost any part of your body which makes it the perfect cooling down tool. It is also great for stretching as well. It could also give you great abs and core workout. Also invest for a very good sports towel for your gym activities. You would not want to leave your gym and search for towels every now and then in between workouts. Find a towel that is highly absorbent and soft. Also store a cold-hot compress. Though we wish that you would never need to use it, it is better to get ready in case of injuries. Purchase a reusable compress that would come in handy in times of need. Use cold compress for swelling or pain, and use hot compress for muscle aches or stiffness.

Remember that you do not need to buy all those tools and equipments at once. You could buy them one at a time, perhaps prioritizing the ones you think you would use mostly. Start with a few key pieces and build up from there. You also do not need to always opt for brand new equipments. You could purchase cheaper ones at surplus stores and garage sales. Moreover, you could exchange equipments with your friends or rotate your equipments. That cuts so much cost.

Now that you have already stocked up on your very own gym, you need to organize. You must know where to keep them when not in use most especially if you are using a shared space like your living room. If possible, save a few shelves and bins for your equipments. Get creative in keeping them. Be sure that they would be away from dust, they would be neat, and they would be out of sight when not in use.

The very last step into making your own gym a success would be to use it regularly. It works generally the same with every other kind of gym. You need to go use it on regular basis. Remember that just like every other form of workouts, gyms, fitness programs, gym equipments and tools, your gym would not work unless you do. Be sure to put the gym you worked hard for and spent lots of money for into good use. To motivate you to not abandon what you have started, invite a friend or workout buddy over. It is always easier to traverse the rocky and challenging road to physical fitness and wellness if you do it with somebody.

It may also work if you try reading success stories of people who were strong enough to finish what they started in their journey of getting physically fit whether be it for having the body you have always dreamt of or simply to stay healthy. Those stories may motivate you more than you think. Also, do not go too hard on yourself or get downhearted when you have missed a routine or two. You are not perfect, nobody is, and nobody requires you to be. Forgive yourself and try harder next time. Also, regarding the money matters, you should learn to prioritize. Would you rather have those designer shoes that are on sale or those clothes instead of saving up for your treadmill? The choice is yours. At the end of the day, remember this: your home gym won’t work unless you do.

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  1. Love you tips on reading success stories to motivate yourself to stay in shape. I saw a video where an overweight ex-paratrooper that can’t walk managed to get in shape from doing yoga. He is really an inspiration.nn1nn1

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