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Honey, Honey

Honey, Honey

Ever wondered why Pooh loves honey so much? Of course, it is so sweet, yummy and oh-so irresistible. We all know that. But if you have not heard, honey is not just all sweets and deliciousness. It is also jam-packed with too many health benefits. Honey’s overflowing goodness does not begin and end with its taste. Its sweetness is just the beginning.

Honey helps prevent deadly diseases like cancer and heart ailment. Like many fruits, honey is rich in flavonoids. It is a kind of antioxidant that shields our body from the threats of cancer and heart illnesses. Way to go, honey!

Honey also protects us from the occurrence of ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems. This is because honey is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This is because in the process of creating honey, bees add a specific enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide.

Even athletes and physically active people would benefit from honey. Honey improves a person’s athletic performance. It is superb in maintaining glycogen levels and it is also known to improve a person’s recovery time. Actually, its performance is superior to other kinds of sweeteners.

Honey also helps prevent cough and throat irritation. This is most especially true with buckwheat honey. It relieves a person of nocturnal cough thus giving a person a good sleep.

Honey is also famous in India in their ayuverdic medicinal practices. Honey is known to deal with the imbalances in the body. It improves eyesight, deals with weight loss, cures impotence and premature ejaculations, and heals urinary tract infections, diarrhea, bronchial asthma, and nausea. Honey is also known to penetrate deep into the tissues. That is the reason why honey is usually added to certain medicinal herbal preparations so that they would reach deep into the tissues.

Honey also helps is dealing with blood sugar levels in the body. Its fructose and glucose helps the body control its blood sugar levels. Though it is sweet, it is not like those artificial sugars that actually pose harm to the blood sugar condition of the body.

Honey is also found to be effective in curing burns and wounds. It is applied externally together with silver sulfadiazine. The drying effect of simple sugars and its anti-bacterial properties make honey an effective remedy for wounds and burns.

Honey is also a known probiotic. It contains good bacteria.

Aside from its many sweet offerings to a person’s overall wellness, honey also gives us a beautiful skin. Its anti-bacterial properties are very useful for the skin. Moreover, honey could be combined to other substances and you would come up with an effective skin moisturizer.

For higher antioxidant levels, you should choose darker honeys. And if you want to acquire honey’s optimum benefits, have it pure and raw. Pure and raw honey contains certain minerals and enzymes that are not present in refined honey.

There are also a few precautions with regards to honey. It is best to not feed it to infants. Do not mix honey with their food or drink. There are honeys that could be contaminated with a certain kind of bacteria that is harmful for infants but safe for older children and adults. Also, keep in mind that honey is still a form of sugar. Do not overeat.

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