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How to know if the guy is interested in you?

How to know if the guy is interested in you?

You may come to meet someone particularly a guy from a bar, club, mall, from friends of friends or from certain occasion whom you think you like or whom you may think likes you. And there is this attraction that seems to bind you to him but as a woman, you might be afraid of approaching him and you might start the question; “does he really like me?” Knowing that a guy likes you is the first thing to look forward for a relationship. It would be difficult to just assume without looking seriously on how men act towards women. You may want to know something more about guys to be able to confirm any of your thoughts about the attraction that may be going on between the both of you.

  • The first thing and the easiest thing to confirm if a guy likes you is if he says it himself. It would be necessary to ask what he liked in you. However, there are different types of liking but if you actually look at him, you’ll be able to know what it is. Whether it’s just curiosity, friendship, or interested in you which is actually the first step of getting to know each other.
  • If he keeps asking you question especially those which seem to be asked just to keep a conversation with you. A guy would never ask you if you have a boyfriend, or do you live with someone at home if he’s not interested in you.
  • He leans towards you. It maybe just to here you better in a bar or in a loud event but keep in mind that “a guy won’t break his neck to talk to you if he doesn’t like you”. It is a sign that he wants to focus on you and hear what you want to say.
  • He approaches towards you. There could be two reasons for that; either he likes you or he likes you girl friend. Still, if he comes to you, it’s possible that he finds you cute in bar, club, bookstore, etc.
  • He acts different. You can notice it on how he deals with his friends alone and when you’re around. He may start to act differently by laughing so loud, giving jokes, or trying to standout when you are there to impress you or to make you notice him. This is very normal for those young and less experienced men. You can always observe the normal “mating” behavior of men which is the same with animal male species; it’s like simply trying to standout to be chosen by their chosen partner.
  • He might even ignore you. But the truth is he’s using the “act like you don’t give a damn” strategy to show that he like you. What you have to do is to observe him even more because despite his effort to get away from you, his movement would seem to give away like you’ll still find him looking at you or his body turns towards your direction , he may also push his chest out when you’re around without him noticing it himself. You’ll know that even he ignores you, he’ll make it obvious that he did maybe because of your bodyguards (also known as girlfriends) or maybe because you have many suitors that were already rejected and he’s just afraid to be one of them. If you like him, show that you are open to make friends with him.
  • He gets you a drink. In a bar, you might think that it’s normal and just a friendly gesture.  Just think and observe it this way; does he buy his friends a drink? If it’s only you, you might as well think that he likes you.
  • He asks for your number or any contact information. Unless he needs to contact you in a professional manner which you can simply identify which is which, a guy would only ask you your contact number if he wants to keep in touch with you. You can expect that he’ll be calling you for a chance to meet again, have a date and spend time more together.
  • He adds you on Facebook. Men normally adds women especially if he finds you interesting, beautiful, cute or fun. In short, he likes you. He may also effort to chat with you every time both of you are online just to keep in touch.
  • Look where his eyes are going. It may help you know what his real motives are. If he likes you, he’ll normally look at you from head to toes. Then you came to see if he’s really interested on knowing you better by focusing on your eyes or simply looking at your boobs or curves which will enable you to act out what to do next.
  • He smiles. Simply when he sees you or every time both of you seem to look at each other. A guy would show his smile to a woman he likes or at least someone he finds interesting.
  • He may start to be protective or become more of a gentleman. Even if you just met, you might observe that he starts blocking you against other guys in a bar to avoid you from getting bumped. He offers you assistance in your way towards the door, or the crowd. In this case, he might end up getting pissed especially when some guys start to talk with you (jealous in a sense) even though both of you just met.
  • He remembers your name. If a guy remembers your name, it’s either he’s just smart or he likes you and he’s smart. Men normally have a selective memory. They remember what they want to remember, if he likes you, he’ll remember your name plus some of the simple details you had shared with him.
  • He’ll try to impress you or agrees with every word you say. He tries his best for you to find him suitable for you. They normally say what they could do, their job, just to let you know how good he is for you to like him to. Just be careful, he may also brag about wealth though deep inside he’s in debt just to impress you.
  • If he tries to kiss you. It’s still up to you to let it be or reject it but, if he tries to, he definitely likes you even when he’s sober with alcohol. A guy even drunk will never kiss a woman if he doesn’t find her attractive.
  • He makes physical contact. Either a touch or just simply trying to be near you. You may think that it’s just because of the crowd like in a bar but if you’re both in a normal space like a wedding but he kept close with you, you can say he likes you.

There are many other ways to know if a guy likes you. According to studies, if a person feels attracted with someone (opposite sex), it’s more likely that the other person feels it to. Looking for the right guy for you will normally start with liking each other in just a glance, a look, a first encounter. Just remember that liking may lead to love but doesn’t always go there. To be able to avoid embarrassment out of self-assuming that a guy likes you, you can consider these simple facts to help you out. But to be very sure, you can simply ask a guy if he likes you or not. Women nowadays are more liberated that way that it is normal if they are the one to initiate it. If you like him, you can tell it to him, he might ignore you because he’s not used of having women to confront men with their feelings but it will later on help him out in dealing his feelings with you especially if you know that the guy you like is a shy-type or less confident towards his feelings. Good luck and may this guide help you out with the guy who really likes you. <3

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