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Hurray for Today

Hurray for Today

Start the day right. Have yourself a great day when you begin it with great habits that could make it already beautiful as early as you get off the bed. If you haven’t noticed, whatever happens in the early hours of the day kind of sets the tone for the entire day. When you wake up with a cheery feeling and when things go smoothly, the rest of the day would more likely go pretty smoothly as well. Yes, some hassles are not that easy to avoid but here simple and easy tricks into having your best mornings so that you could have your best days.

First, find something to do for yourself. Give yourself at least thirty seconds to think what is that something you could do for you. Then, do it. Instead of ranting about waking up so early instead of having a little more time sleeping, get off the bed and treat yourself to a nice something. Maybe you could go pick a flower or prepare a nice breakfast all for yourself. It would make you feel great.

Eating a healthy and well-balanced meal at breakfast is also a good way to start the day right. Fire up your morning with a healthy combination of proteins and carbohydrates that would keep you going and keep you full until lunch time. A moderate amount of caffeine also appears to be good for your mood and mental alertness and sharpness.

Get some fresh air. Go for a physical activity outdoors. It would do even if you just have a few minutes for it. Even just foe minutes of outdoor exercise could boost your mood and self-esteem. Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Be one with nature.

The other tip is linked to the latest one. Listen to nature. It doesn’t have to involve getting outside if you do not want to. You may listen to recordings. Hear the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees. Listen to birds sing. Listen to the water running through rivers. You could respond to stressful situations more quickly if you manage to get relaxed by the sound of nature.

Feeling good starts with the inside. As you wake up, take five deep breaths and tell yourself that you will feel good today. When you encounter stressful situations, take deep breaths and react with a wilful mind rather than easily succumbing to the pressure. Everything starts with thinking about it. So decide to feel good today.

Drinking hot chocolate is also a good way to start your day. Flavonols contained in cocoa elevates the mood levels and stimulates mental alertness. Go ahead and treat yourself with nice hot cup of chocolate with milk. The milk which contains proteins and carbohydrates would be dealing with the blood sugar level until lunch so you are good to go.

This may be simple but it is really effective: smile. It is something you could easily do anywhere and anytime. It is a good way to change not only your mood but of those of the people around you. Spread the good vibes.

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