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I Scream for Ice Cream

I Scream for Ice Cream

Everybody loves ice cream. Who doesn’t? Its deliciousness is beyond words and it can turn a bland or even awful day into a sweet one. It is irresistible, oh-so yummy, and is something you just can’t get enough of. But we all think that we must avoid them at times because they are unhealthy, because they make you fat, because they give you tons of calories. But ice cream is also filled with essential nutrients. Here are some good reasons to eat ice cream. And you surely would thank us for these.

Ice cream could be a great source of vitamins. It may be mainly due to its milk content. Ice creams could be a delicious and irresistible source of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E. and K. It actually is overwhelming to discover that ice creams are packed with these many vitamins. Now you have a really good reason for indulging yourself with its deliciousness. But wait, there is a lot more.

Ice cream could be a great source of energy. It has a high nutritional value. An ice cream is packed with carbohydrates, proteins and fats which are sources of energy. Its sugars could give you an instant energy boost. It has the goodness of milk and the yummy flavour distinct to the ice cream we all loved ever since we were young and not so concerned about society’s standards of beauty.

Ice cream does not only give us lots of vitamins. It is also a magnificent source of minerals. Again, this is mainly due to the fact that one of ice cream’s main ingredients is milk. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Aside from giving us strong and healthy bones and teeth, calcium could also cut our risk of developing stones in the kidney. Calcium also eases mood swings and premenstrual symptoms. Now I realize that an ice cream could also be a girl’s best friend.

Another disease ice cream fights against is cancer. Again, thanks to its calcium content. Calcium helps prevent colon cancer. Calcium does not only deal with the healthiness of the teeth and the bones, it even takes care of the intestines as well. Isn’t that amazing?

Ice cream is also a food for a better mood. Eating ice cream helps stimulate thrombotonin which is a hormone that reduces the stress levels and helps give a happy mood. Again, thanks to its milk. Milk contains L-triptophane which helps relax the nervous system. Since it helps relax the nervous system, it also proves to be a useful tool against insomnia.

Ice cream could also prevent viral diseases like HIV. Again, thanks to the milk content. The milk contains lactoferrin which acts a defensive agent against pathogens. It also fights against viruses thus preventing viral diseases like influenza and HIV.

If you ever feel like eating a scoop or two, it is best to not restrain yourself and indulge in the delicious taste of your favorite ice cream flavor. Be guilt-free because ice creams not only make you happier but also provides a handful of benefits.

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