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Infertility in Women

Infertility in Women

“The essence of being a woman is being a mother”, says 1994 Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. But what if a woman has no capability whatsoever to bear a child?

Many women suffer from never being able to bear a child or cannot stay pregnant and eventually lose the baby. Women are said to be barren or infertile when they try to get pregnant in a year’s time but resulting to no positive news, or when they experience repeated miscarriages. If this is your case, or perhaps the case of a friend or relative, you might as well arm yourself with the appropriate knowledge in handling such predicaments. Pregnancy and problems regarding this subject matter are major concerns in women’s health care.

In about ten couples, an average of one is having problems getting children. Sometimes, men are infertile. But also women could be the sterile ones. However, there are also cases when both the man and woman are infertile. This is why both the man and the woman are tested in finding out the reason or reasons why the couple cannot have children.

Getting pregnant may take up to a year. A woman must not be easily alarmed when she does not get pregnant right away. Experts suggest that she only start taking infertility tests after a year of no positive results. Take note that it is highly recommended to have a pre-pregnancy session with your doctor to make sure that the pregnancy being planned would be safe.

Though it takes a year before getting pregnant, you do not have to wait for twelve long months before going to the doctor if you already experienced at least one pregnancy-related problem like ectopic pregnancy, irregular monthly menstrual cycle, pelvic inflammatory disease, cases of repeated miscarriages, and thyroid problems. Health care providers say that women over thirty five years of age should consider having infertility tests if they do not get pregnant in six months time.

As time passes, infertility rates among women start to soar. One of the most common causes is that many women wait until they get old before deciding to have a baby. But be reminded that it is not always the case. Infertility is a possibility in every woman regardless of age. There are many other reasons why women tend to be infertile. Another common one is that eggs are not released by the ovaries. It could also be because the eggs produced are of bad quality.

Also, many factors may tend to increase the risk of being infertile. Vices like smoking and drug and alcohol abuse may lead to infertility. Also, age is a major factor. Unhealthy diets and being diagnosed with any STD before may also increase the risk. Exposure to toxins and certain kinds of radiation are also factors.

If ever diagnosed with infertility, do not lose hope because there are cases that are treated by our dear medical professionals. Most women take meds to treat infertility and some undergo minor surgeries.

For more concerns, contact your nearest health care provider.

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