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Admit it or not, women are at high risk of depression due to different insecurities they think of themselves. It is a term that describes something lacking in our personalities making us vulnerable, weak and unhappy. The fact that women have more insecurities than men can be traced back in our past as women are governed and overpowered by men. Women are limited of their right and of what they could do. Even in the bible talking about feeding a multitude of people, only men were numbered which states that Jesus fed 5000 men. Women were not counted. This is one sign of the limitations given to women before. As of today, women are given more privileges and more rights but insecurities still seem to exist.

Women are very emotional. Despite of the privileges most women may experience in different parts of the globe, they have the tendency of being depressed easily. Despite of the success of different women, some are still scared to standout and prove their worth due to thinking they are incapable or weak. The perspective of women should change in order to overcome insecurities. Otherwise, they’ll miss the success they could possibly have. Nowadays, women are allowed to do what only man do in the past. They are now privileged to educate themselves, work, even in high corporate position. Despite that, most women are underpaid or have lower salaries as compared to men if they were in the position. Why? Because of insecurities.

Our insecurities are the ones hindering us to be successful, to prove our worth and most of all to be happy. Insecurities bring no good to us. It will only pull us down or worse make us sick psychologically due to too much depression. Most women would end up giving up even without trying because of the insecurities in which the truth is; they really don’t have. Abuse among women continues in some part of the country because women allow it to happen. They are afraid to fight because they think they can’t and that no one can help them out.

This should change. We should not allow insecurities to overpower us. We are experiencing the privileges we have right now because some women neglected their insecurities and fight for women’s rights. It actually caused their lives believing that it is better to die to give the women of the future a better life. Would you just let their efforts go to waste? Throw your insecurities away. You may have weaknesses but so as others especially men. Instead of being depressed and gloomy because of your weakness, learn what you can do to overcome your weakness. Human are created in such a way they can overcome even the toughest obstacles of life. As you may have weakness, bear in mind that as others may have strengths, so do you. Discover your strength and develop it to make it useful for your life.

Insecurities exist as you let them exist in your mind. Do not let it hinder you. Live your life and make it meaningful.

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