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Is It Okay For a Woman to Make the First Move?

Is It Okay For a Woman to Make the First Move?

It has been an old and strong tradition that women must only wait for men to make the first move, that they should never give any sort of hint that they like a certain guy, that their feelings remain restrained and almost unexpressed. Even in the modern days, the sight of women making the first move is still frowned upon by some members of the society especially by the conservatives and conformists.

But is it really not that pleasing or nice? Or is it just another removal of power among women brought about by the strong influence of patriarchy or the reign of men in the society ever since the very beginning? I am more than sure that heated debates about this issue still continues and that there is no really definite and concrete way of telling which one is right and which are not. Again, it appears to be another subjective matter where one could agree to or not. But it is best to see both sides of the same coin before finally making up our minds and making our stand.

There are guys, perhaps many of them, who would prefer that they make the first move. They should be the one to initiate romance, and not the women. It has been a practice ever since the old times and why bother breaking free from tradition? Women should remain elegant, sophisticated and graceful, and making the first move does not make them anything close to that if they approach a guy first. That is what they think. Centuries ago, women are even confined in houses and men would just choose who they want to marry and then ask for the permission of the girl’s parents. Women had no say regarding who they should end up with forever.

On the other hand, many tradition-breaking practices have led to the defiance of this somehow anti-feminist notion. There’s the Saddie Hawkins’ Dance for example. It is an event, a less formal school dance in the secondary level, where it would be the girls who would ask the guys out. It is the opposite of prom where guys ask girls to be their date. This makes women feel that they are empowered, that they actually do have a choice, that they can go win the heart of the man they love and not just wait for some man to start having an interest on them. Surprisingly, some men actually like it when women make the first move. Most of them say that this relieves the tension between them and that it makes a woman look confident and independent.

Whatever you think, say and believe, whether it is that women should remain subtle in terms of romantic stuff or that women should have the same power as men when it comes to picking and reaching out to a potential romantic partner, then think, say and believe so. After all, everyone is actually just the same once love enters the picture. What truly matters is that we love, and love, and love.

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