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Junk Foods?

Junk Foods?

If you are to ask a food technologist, he or she would actually say that there is no such thing as junk food. Food will always be food and as it is stated, it imparts something essential for the body. Calories, salt and other things that are more often found in junk foods are still essential for the body only that it should be regulated and not taken too much. Still it is NOT JUNK as the meaning of junk would be defined.

Junk food is just a slang word derived to describe foods that are of little nutritional value. They are normally high in sugar, salt and calories. With that we can simply sight some examples such as chips, candies, fast foods and others. There is no standard definition for junk food such that it merely depends to the person which food he or she consider junk. You may say that pizza is a junk food since it is salty and falls to those fast foods but actually it contains essential nutrients from meat (protein) tomato sauce (vitamins) and the crust (carbohydrates). So it is not really junk food. Ice cream is high in sugar and fat but due to the milk it contains which is very nutritious, you cannot totally define it as junk food.

Junk foods are also defined to be of low satiation value that will not make you feel full when eaten which could result you to over eating. It is also said to contain ingredients that can be addictive. These will thus, lead you to obesity or other health risks. Perhaps this is where chips for snacks actually fall. Too much chips in your diet can increase the amount of sodium and cholesterol in your body thus affecting your health by increasing your risk to poor nutrition and other health problems.

What are strongly suggested is to replace these types of foods with healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables for snacks. If you crave for something salty, you can still opt to have whole grain chips that are of lower salt content and are healthier. As for me, there is actually NO SUCH THING AS JUNK FOODS. It will only depend on the person on how he or she manages the food that he or she eats every day. Every food has its own nutritional value so you cannot actually consider it “junk”. What should be done is proper moderation and variation of food into your diet. If you try to have different food groups into your diet, you can acquire more nutrients in to your body since there is no particular food that can give you all the nutrients you may need. I also believe that too much chips for snack is bad so you should balance it by providing your body with cleansing foods such as fruits and vegetables. If you are too busy to avoid too much fast food chains, just seek for those which offer healthier foods. There are so many fast foods chains nowadays that can satisfy your healthy food needs. As there are no junk foods, there should be no food gone to waste because you may not like what you eat right now, but there are those who haven’t eaten a single meal for the day. So don’t waste.

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