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Keeping Yourself Motivated to Exercise

Keeping Yourself Motivated to Exercise

We all know that multitudes of health and personal benefits exercise could offer. However, good things are not gained that quickly. Along with the many beneficial offerings of exercise come the many forms of hardship and many obstacles we need to overcome. Keeping up with exercising and staying physically active is a matter that requires attention, time, diligence and patience. There may even be times when we feel like giving up on it. Here are some effective ways to stay motivated and continue what we have already started.

First, make it a routine, a part of your daily life. Remember a sporting shop’s motto? Just Do It. Once it is already incorporated into your daily routine, it becomes mechanical, natural. You would feel like being able to do it with your eyes closed. It would be just like among the many things you simply do everyday.  No need to convince yourself anymore. You would “just do it”. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Next, you should set goals. However, keep your goals specific and realistic. Instead of aiming to lose twenty pounds in a month, why not aim to do ten straight sit ups before the weekend comes? Do not aim to run off those ten kilometers at once. Start with finishing the two kilometers first even if it includes walking from time to time. Then, go with five. Take it slowly but surely.

Of course, you should reward yourself. Treat yourself to a full-body massage or a shopping spree once if you managed to not miss an exercise session in one month straight. Not only will it let you feel good from time to time, it is also a very effective way to motivate you to continue reaching your goals.

You know, exercise does not have to cause boredom and pain. Find ways to make it fun and exciting. Turn on your favorite party music when doing your exercise routines. Find dance routines that are fun and lively. Or better yet, have an exercise buddy. If you have someone to share your exercise with, it would certainly be double the fun.

One sure fire way to get tired of doing exercises is when you do the same routine everyday. Switch it up. Try other programs and routines. Try dance classes and martial arts sessions.

Also, keep going come what may. There could be days or weeks when things seem to be aren’t going your way. Just get through them and don’t let those disappointments and frustrations stop you. Do not be too hard on yourself, but keep going. You could take sauna breaks or a refreshing walk in the park. That’s perfectly fine. Just keep going.

Another way to keep yourself motivated is to visualize success. See yourself victoriously doing your routines and enjoying them. Everything starts with the mind. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

Definitely, you should be well aware of the benefits of exercise. Knowing that it would keep you healthy and fit, give you your most desired hot body, and fight off depression and anxiety would be great reasons to keep going.

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