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If you have not noticed, we all have the same worst critic- ourselves. Often, we get too tough on ourselves. But when we get used to saying bad things to ourselves, we slowly start to believe that those bad things are quite true. And they are not. Before you start making yourself believe that you are any less beautiful, smart, or important, than you truly are, learn how to battle those false negativities. We are giving you an insight on the most common lies you often tell yourself and how get rid of them from our system.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and told yourself: I am ugly. The main reason why many women think that they do not look good is because of the images of celebrities and models in magazines, television, films and other forms of mass media. And you know what? Those images are unreal. Their natural faces are covered with makeup and images are altered electronically. Also, what the media tell people that are beautiful- skinny frame, thigh gap, blonde hair, white complexion, collar bones- are not the only beautiful in the world. Beauty exists in many different forms and sizes. And it exists in you. To deal with this unhealthy attitude of saying that you are unattractive, look into the mirror and see your beautiful assets. Do you have a bright smile or glistening eyes? Focus on the positives.

Most people tell themselves: I am fat. First, if you are worried about being overweight, pay a visit to your doctor to make sure that you maintain your healthy weight. If you realize that you actually are overweight, you and your doctor could work together to bring back your healthy weight. It is not that being fat looks ugly. It is just that too much weight could cause certain health problems. Having curves is sexy. Being skinny is sexy. Sexy is not just about body frames. Confidence is what makes a woman truly sexy. Just be sure that whether you are curvy or skinny, you are on your healthy weight.

Failed an exam? Didn’t know the answer to the teacher’s question? Lost an argument? Stop telling yourself: I am not smart. Nobody knows everything and those who pretend and act like they do are fools. You could not grasp everything at once, but you could improve with practice. When things get tough, look back at the past and relive moments of success to inspire you. Remember when you aced that Calculus test? How about that long poem where you remembered every single line? Sweet, aren’t they?

In times of loneliness, we often seek a shoulder to cry on. But when we find nobody, we tell ourselves: I do not have friends. Having friends is not about how many you have on your Facebook, or how many people you greet when you meet them. Friendship is about quality and not quantity. If you are lonely, try joining clubs, organizations, or take extra classes of your interest. Finding people who enjoy the same thing as you is a great first move to find a friend.

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