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Life Detox

Life Detox

As early as Monday, you get overwhelmed and fatigued by the many demands at work, at home, in your relationships, and many other cares that you barely get time to hit the gym, think about your fitness and health, and have some relaxation. For an overall better everyday, have your life detox.

First, clean up and put into proper order your beauty routine. Take time to clean your cabinets and keep in mind that makeup products do have expiration dates. Do not make them breeding grounds for bacteria. The trick is that if you are using a product that requires the use of an applicator, toss it into the garbage can after three months. Yes, throw it away even if you almost never used it. It is really hard to get rid of that expensive lip gloss that you only used twice but it is not worth the infection and trouble. Cleansers last for about six to twelve months. A concealer could live up to a year. Your eyeliner is good for three years but be sure to sharpen it in a regular basis to make sure that it is kept clean. Powder eye shadows last for two years but liquid ones are only good for one year. You foundation, just like your cleanser, may last for six to twelve months. Your lipstick is good for a year. And your powder and blush could be used for up to two years.

It is also a must to deal with your workout mindset. When you have a warm spring weekend, it is a great opportunity to reformat your attitude towards workout. Actually, you must not worry about workout. It should not be a burden but rather a blessing. If you are tired of running on your treadmill, try that yoga class you have always been interested in. Are you tired of hitting the gym? Go try working out outdoors. Do not get along with the trend. If you feel like working out is becoming a burden, get back to the basics or try sports you have not done for quite a while. Find something you truly enjoy.

You must also try organizing your closet. Do not overload you closet with clothes you almost never wear. The trick is if you do not feel a hundred percent great when wearing it, get rid of it. Only wear things that you feel most comfortable in. It is not about getting rid of old ones. It is about keeping the best ones. Keep those you truly love and donate the ones that you do not love as much.

It is also highly suggested to overhaul your set of hobbies. We get too overwhelmed with our duties and responsibilities that we often fail to make time for activities that would give our mind the relaxation it needs and deserves. And to keep that brain sharp, always put it up to a challenge. Whether it is solving a puzzle, writing a blog post, or painting, have something to look forward to do in the upcoming weekend that is not only fun but would also keep your mind sharp.


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