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Listening to Music

Listening to Music

We might think that it would be better to lose your hearing than to lose your sight, but think again. It would be difficult to lose your hearing as it plays an important role to your balance and you are more likely to survive your daily life with your ears on good condition even without your sight. But let us not think of that since all our senses are important. Listening to music is a very common activity that all of us actually do. Believe me or not, we may become very dependent on it without even noticing it. It is just very common to us but can you imagine life without music in it?

Music comes in different genres. You may be fond of listening classic, jazz, hip-hop or dance, pop, folk or traditional, dramatic, blues or any music genres you may think of. Even the humming of birds, bark of dogs can be considered as music and has its own meaning. It has become a way of expressing a thought, a culture, tradition, emotion or feeling. Music has the ability to intensify the emotion you are currently feeling whether happy, sad, suspense or even fear. Music has been applied to different films and with that, you are able to fully appreciate the moment seen in the film. Music can represent a tradition, culture and history. Music has been manifested even in ancient times as seen in the different musical instrument found by archeologists. We can actually say that music is immortal that it can live through out a lifetime from one generation to another.

Personally, you can make music as a therapy. Relaxing music can reduce stress level. As it can intensify the mood, it can also change it. When you are at the point of bursting out of anger, listening to soft music can help you calm down and control your temper. When you are mad, and you actually heard a song that you associated with a happy experience, you end up losing your anger. Most people listen to music while they exercise. It enables them to disregard pain and the thought of getting tired. Listening to an upbeat music can really boost your energy to a high level to make you accomplish you exercise or even any work you are actually set to do. Music at work is found to be efficient in some companies as it actually uplifts the mood of everyone. When you are happy, you normally end up working faster and more efficiently. But it actually depends on the area you are working such as in hospitals; silence is a must for patients to have rest. Though as for me, silence is also music in its sense.

Music really has this amazing effect in our mind. Just avoid getting too loud music as it can actually damage the ears. The loudness of sound which can be associated to music is measured in decibels (dB). Music above 85dB can be damaging to the ear. Unfortunately, you cannot have measuring equipment with you. Just go with your instincts. Your ears can say when it is too loud. In a club, the music normally plays around 100dB and it will only take you around 10-15 minutes before it can be damaging to your ears. Normal conservation is just 60 dB while a plane taking of is 120 dB. What you can do is make your distance to a level in which it can no longer be loud for your ears.

Every sound can be music depending on how the person hears and appreciates it. It is a wonderful gift that everyone can actually enjoy. You don’t really have to be good singer to appreciate good music. What you only have to have are ears for you to hear and a heart that knows how to appreciate. This is from an avid lover of music.

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