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Living Healthy 101

Living Healthy 101

We only live once. It is a must that we take good care of our only life and do everything in our capacity to make the most out of it. Forget those deafening voices telling you that you should look a certain way. When someone tells you that you should have protruding collarbones, a flat tummy, a model-like waistline, and a thigh gap, tell them to shut up. Do you know when you should start caring about your weight? Start worrying about your weight when it is not healthy anymore. Eat, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle not to be what the society says is pretty, but to be healthy.

Of course, leading a healthy lifestyle has eating as one of its main concerns. Telling you to eat good food or get lots of veggies or fruits is already a cliché. Now, let us dig a little deeper in terms of eating good food. Listen to this. Cut on the processed foods. Limit yourself to at most one every single day. Processed foods are oh-so rich in unhealthy fats, lots of salts and sugars, and are short on the fiber your body needs. Avoid them.

Telling you to grab lots of fruits and veggies could be an overused statement. Let us give that a little makeover. Have at least a fruit or a veggie every meal. Grab strawberries to go with your cheese dip during breakfast. Or put some large green and fresh lettuce leaves in your sandwich for lunch.

Also, stop buying food you know you should not eat. Keep those junkies and soft drinks out of your life forever. Do not make an excuse that they are for the kids. They do not need those, too.

Avoid eating out often. If you could, just have a dinner out at most once a month. Not only does avoiding eating out could save your waistline, it also saves your wallet.

Have some me time. Set aside at least three hours every week for nobody but you. Forget all about your responsibilities. Forget the car, your spouse, the kids, the house, and your job. Start taking care of you. Go read a book in a quiet place. Take a walk in the park and breathe in some fresh air. Go to the salon or spa. Do something you like doing. Keep away from all the stress in your life. Take a moment to let it all out.

Also, walking does a person good a lot more than he or she suspects it to. If you could, wear a pedometer and try having ten thousand steps everyday. If you could not, then you do not have to. Just walk as much as you possible could. Skip the elevator and use the stairs. It could be that simple.

Speaking of being physically active, find a physical activity that you would enjoy. Go smashing that tennis ball, dunking that basketball, or swimming like a dolphin. Aside from giving your body the amount of exercise it needs, it also keeps you away from the stress of your daily routines.

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