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Living With an Autoimmune Disease

Living With an Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune disease is a form of illness that occurs when the immune system attacks its own body tissues. The immune system is designed to seek and destroy foreign bodies or agents that invade the body like bacteria and viruses. People diagnosed with an autoimmune disease have an immune system that functions abnormally to the extent that it attacks the body’s own tissues. According to studies, autoimmune diseases occur more frequently among women than among men. Some examples of autoimmune diseases are lupus, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.

Living with such an illness is not some simple matter. An autoimmune disease is a chronic illness which means there is no cure. Everyday would be tiresome and depressing if one knows that she needs to spend all of them with a disease. However, having an autoimmune disease does not mean that you are already hopeless. Moreover, having an autoimmune disease certainly does not mean that you would not be able to enjoy life. Here are some tips on living with an autoimmune disease.

It is highly suggested to take a walk for at least twenty minutes every day. You could take a stroll in the park or visit a nearby museum. According to studies, moderate exercises could help ease the stiffness and pain the patient is suffering. Moreover, it could also help improve the patient’s mood.

Taking at least an hour everyday to rest is also recommended. Do not feel useless or embarrassed when you have to. Talk to your boss about it. You do not have to sleep if you do not want to. You could just lay in a quiet room and rest your eyes, or grab a book to read. Taking a break from work could replenish your energy and could keep you going all throughout the day. At the end, you would prove to be more productive if you get your hour-long break than not having that break at all.

Also learn to manage your stress. Keeping stress out of one’s life is impossible, but learning to live with it is very feasible. Taking deep breaths and meditation could help.

It would also be best if you face the disease with somebody at your side. Seek the support of your family and friends, or join a support group. You need people who would understand why there would be days when you could not move easily and why simple tasks would be difficult for you.

Learn to slow down. Do not try to move fast like how you used to. Get away from extremely stressful and demanding jobs. Find ways to cope with your disease because your disease would not cope with your life.

Also, participate actively in your health care. If you feel like your doctor does not carry out his duties well and does not listen to your concerns, find another doctor. Both of you should find treatments and medications that would suit you best. Remember, you are the captain of the ship.

It is also a must to accept the fact that you would be living with your disease until the end. Instead of getting too focused on how to try to get rid of it, shift your concentration on how make the most out of your life.

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