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Looking Through the Screen

Looking Through the Screen

We live in a generation where everything that gives us fun and entertainment are locked away into screens. Are you a video game addict? Or maybe you play online games or even installed ones like Sims? Do you love scrolling the Facebook newsfeed or maybe through the Tumblr dashboard? Do you tweet often? Do you do marathons of Glee or 2 Broke Girls or Pretty Little Liars or perhaps The Vampire Diaries? Are you always in front of the television, the computer, or perhaps your phone? Yes, the times we spend texting, chatting, updating our status, or playing computer games are full of fun and entertainment. But beware of the threats they pose to your health be it physically, mentally and even emotionally.

If you are dying to have the model-like body, better get away from your beloved screens. If you have not heard, too much time spent in front of the TV or computer or even using the cellphone makes a person more likely to get fat. The time you spend posting a tweet, scrolling through a friend’s timeline, or crying over your favorite drama series takes away your time to get moving and exercising. Seeing ads about really yummy yet unhealthy and calorie-filled food do not help either. Those who spend a lot of time watching television also tend to eat less healthy. They tend to grab junkies, popcorns and sodas while enjoying their favorite shows instead of sitting at the dinner table and eating healthy meals. You do not only miss important meals but also parties and events and your social life in general. It also makes you stay up late as you wait for your favorite show. You may try to spend more time really being with people than sustaining your relationship with them online. You may also start eating meals away from the TV or computer.

Texting also proves to be an unhealthy habit when done too frequently. It makes you sleep late especially when you are gossiping with friends or texting with your boyfriend or crush. Because of too much texting, you are depriving your body and yourself of the at least seven hours of good sleep it needs and deserves. How do you know if you are overdoing it? It is when you try to stay awake even after you have turned on the lights, when you keep waiting for a text, and when you wake up tired. The thing to do about it is to keep it out of sight at least thirty minutes before heading to bed and get it off your mind.

Watching too much of your favorite shows could also lead you to depression. It focuses your attention on this made-believe story on screen than shift your concentration on your real life. It takes away the time you could spend hanging out with friends, reading a good book, or exercising. Also, it gives you false and unhealthy messages that would make you depressed. Watching too much of Gossip Girl? Wanting to be as fabulous as them? Or maybe you are seeing makeup and beauty products advertisements? They transplant a false idea into your mind on how you should look like and what you should own just to feel good about yourself.

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