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Loser is the New Cool

Loser is the New Cool

In a society where many social issues have appeared that have major and tragic impacts on the lives of all most especially the teens, a show came into the rescue of the wronged, the bullied, and the ill-treated as it opened the eyes of the world to the kind of hell they are experiencing at the hands of the prejudicial and cruel society almost four years ago. Now on its fourth season, Glee continues to shine brightly as they not only make the whole world sing and dance with their musical performances but also inspire the people deemed as the parts of the loser crowd, the unappreciated, and the insignificant.

In May 2009, it launched its first episode introducing us to the stereotypes of a typical high school setting. We have the cool and arrogant football jocks, the stylistic and sexy cheerleaders, and of course the many faces of a loser. We have the gothic stuttering Asian, a guy with thick-framed glasses stuck in his wheelchair, the fat black American girl, the only openly gay boy at school, and an ambitious yet not cool sophomore. As the former glee club member entered McKinley High as the Spanish teacher, he planned on getting the club that once brought glory to the school back together. Unfortunately, everyone who signed up was only the losers who just wanted to belong somewhere. But as the story went on, even some of the coolest kids began joining as they found something a lot more than a club- they found friendship and also a place where they could be just themselves and everybody would be okay with that.

As it successfully reached its fourth season, there have been many changes and developments. But what will always be Glee is that it continues on showcasing the beauty of unity in diversity, the goodness in accepting and embracing other people whoever they were, they are and they choose to be. It also gives value to dreams, family, friendship and love.

Not only does Glee serve as a tremendous inspiration to its viewers, it is also a really fun and entertaining musical television series that feature the famous songs sang and performed the Glee way. Aside from hearing your favourite music given a fun twist, you also could discover a lot of actually really beautiful songs you never even knew existed. There are people who bash the show for allegedly ruining songs. But I beg to disagree. Glee never intended to compete with the original; they just present songs in a different perspective and connect it to a specific situation.

With the pretty smart writing, stylish and awesome choreography, often exciting and sometimes even soul-captivating song numbers, brilliant acting, and lessons we ought to live with for the rest of our days, Glee is nothing less than the most celebrated television show in the past decade or even half-century.

More often than not, we turn on the television to get entertained. But it would always be better if we do not only get entertained but also inspired, moved and transformed. I, and other millions of viewers, owe Glee a lot.


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