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Loving Your Body Type

Loving Your Body Type

Not all clothes and fashion styles will look good on every woman. There are those that flatter the figure and there are those that do not go with our looks pretty well. The problem is finding out what the must- haves are and what those we must avoid are. The secret lies in this: know your body type.

There are four major classifications of body type: the apple, the pear, the hourglass, and the banana.

The apple body type is also called V shape. It is like an inverted triangle. Women classified in this body type have narrow hips and wide shoulders. They have seemingly thin extremities but round all over. You have noticeably large chest. They waistline is not very much defined.

For apples, since your waistline is not very much defined, find clothes that can trim your waist. Go for colors that have this kind of slimming effect. Go for black and other dark hues like chocolate brown and navy blue. Also go for a monochromatic look because that is slimming. You can also wear a dark-colored belt. Go for clothes skim past your midsection but does not nip below the bust. Also, add more structure to your hips by wearing full circle skirts. Aside from trying to look slimmer, put all the focus of your assets. Wear tops and dresses with plunging necklines.

The next body type is the pear body type which is also called bell or A shape. It is the opposite of apple
as it seems like an upward triangle. This body type generally has small upper body and large lower. The
fats are deposited in the hips, buttocks and thighs. The hips are wider than the bust and this body type
exhibits small chest, arms and long neck.

The key to the pear body type is balance. Feel free to experiment with the upper half of the body for
it needs emphasis while wear darker tones on the lower part to make it look slimmer. Also try wearing
blazers for they draw attention to the shoulders and thus balancing it with the wide hips. Also avoid
overly heavy fabric on the lower part of the body like leather because it makes the lower part look

The next body type is considered the ideal body type. It is the hourglass of X shape. It is characterized by
small waist in contrast with the hips, average to full chest and is curvy all over.

Luckily for those who have this body type, they do not have to avoid any color or style at all. Wearing
prints and patterns is in the same case with choosing colors; hourglass-shaped bodies look well in almost
anything. Wearing form-fitting fabric is also a big yes for this body type. This flatters their form perfectly.
However, overly heavy fabrics can be a little too much for your petite body so go easy on them.

Lastly, we have the banana which is also called the straight or l shape. This is common among athletes
and runway models. They have slim hips, waists and thighs. The buttocks appear small as well as the

The key to this body type is to create curves. Go for light and bright colors that make the body look
bigger. Also go for prints and patterns. Form-fitting fabrics are also good since they give the illusion of
having curves.

Fashion is not a dilemma but rather a fun thing to do if we only know how to play it well.

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