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Loving Your Short Hair

Loving Your Short Hair

Traditionally, people opt for long hair for women. But in the modern days, many ladies began to cut their hair short. Most of them did not look any less ladylike or less beautiful. Actually, many looked better and more vibrant in short hair.

There are lots of benefits in cutting you hair short. Let us first deal with the practical pros. First, it will take less time, less effort, and less hair products to take care and wash your hair. Your hair can even be wash-and-go. There will also be fewer tangles to manage. Tangled long strands are actually really irritating and difficult to manage.  Indy days would not bother or irritate you, and there is no need to tie your hair back to keep it from falling all over your face. You will also pay cheaper for hair treatments and short hairs are not that hard to maintain as compared to long ones. Shorter hairs mean a cut on the prep time, your energy and effort, and the cost.

Also, short hair can make people focus on your face and not your hair. You would not want to hear cruel comments like “she only looks good because her hair looks good”, right? And though it hurts, it is sometimes true for most women. Some actually just look good because their fine curls, or long and straight hair divert the attention away from their face and creating an illusion that they are that good-looking. A truly beautiful woman does not need hair to look better. Even if her hair is short and tied back, she will look just as pretty. Cutting your hair short makes people realize that, yes, you really do have a stunning face.

Short hairs are also way convenient on hot summer days. It lets your neck and back experience the cool breeze whereas long hairs require to be tied into ponytails and buns, even if you are not comfortable to do so.

Short hairs also look smart and sophisticated. It is best for the modern and independent woman. It is not only intelligent looking, it also looks oh-so sexy. It gives you that untraditional edge. You will appear to be a woman who is always ready to go and is up to any adventure that waits instead of being the long-haired, princess-like girl. If you are one tough chick, you can parade that short hair.

Also, short hairs are generally healthier than long ones. Because it has shorter strands, it will be less prone to damage as compared to long hairs. It is also way easier to protect and maintain.

Long hairs make you blend in, but short hairs make you stand out. It is unconventional, new and out-of-the-ordinary. It catches attention, and it sets you apart from the crowd. Why try to fit in when you were born to be noticed?

You must love your short hair because you want it that way. You don’t need to spend lots of time, effort and money to maintain a long hair you don’t even feel comfortable in just because somebody else thinks it looks better. Do yourself a favor. Cut that hair short, be more confident, convenient and hassle-free. Do it for you.

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