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Making Love to Self

Making Love to Self

Yes, I will confirm upfront that masturbation is a not very usual topic in any kind of conversation. Actually, it is even kind of socially and culturally regarded as a subject matter nobody decent would discuss with another person. However, in the advent of new age and with our deep concern for the health and well-being especially of women’s health care, no one must be afraid to talk about something that we all know happens.

Technically, masturbation is touching or stimulating sexual organs of one’s own self to experience sexual pleasure. It is a common and actually safe kind of sexual activity that involves only the person doing it. What most people do not know is that it actually has a number of health benefits.

Statistics show that about seven out of every ten men and five of every ten women masturbate. The figures are surprisingly high for something regarded as a taboo in almost every society if not really all. It is a typical practice not only among adults but also for children and teens. But why?

Someone can start doing it at any point of their lives. Children who are on the phase of growing up and getting to know and exploring their own body commonly start to masturbate. They discover that stimulating the genitals bring some kind of pleasure. Children do not necessarily have sexual fantasies when they masturbate. However, sexually related fantasies begin to enter one’s thoughts during adolescence.

Disregarding each and every family’s varying beliefs on the morality of masturbation, it is must to let children know that it brings no harm and remind them that if ever they do it, it must be a really private thing. We leave the morality and cultural acceptability of this issue to the different families and societies. We are here to provide scientific and objective insights.

Masturbation does not only occur among people without sex partners. It is also done by those with sexual partners. People’s reasons for doing it involve removing sexual tension, achieving sexual pleasure, to be able to have sex even without a partner, and to simply relax.

Masturbation actually has a number of mental and physical benefits. In a practical point of view, masturbating instead of actually having sex cuts the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, it helps people discover more about their own sexuality.

Doing it is not really leading to any trouble unless it interferes with one’s daily tasks and responsibilities. If that is so, the best thing to do is consult your therapist.

Again, masturbation remains a topic still not considered to be involved in most, if not all, conversations. However, if there are doubts and uncertainties, it is best to talk with someone you trust like your parents, therapists or medical practitioners to be enlightened on the matter. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed for having the guts to search for knowledge. After all, the best weapon one can have is an open mind that readily welcomes new ideas and at the same time formulates unbiased judgments.

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