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Making Those Leggings Work

Making Those Leggings Work

Nowadays, one common fashion tool or type of clothing is the leggings. They are skin-tight kind of leg covering that could be worn by both men and women. However, it is most commonly seen on women rather than the masculine gender. The original leggings are worn separately, as in one piece for each leg just like a long pair of socks. Today, the common ones are already just one piece or what we call pantyhose in cases of stockings.

Leggings are usually made of flexible material like spandex and nylon. But they could also be made of other kinds of fabric like wool or silk. The common leggings we see are plain black but they are actually available in many varying colors and designs. They are worn to provide warmth or heat to the legs, to protect the legs during some physical activities, or merely just as a fashion statement. In contemporary terminologies, leggings are skin-tight pants that cover the lower body starting from the waist up to the ankles. Most people call leggings as tights, but technically, these two are two different garments since tights are non-transparent pantyhose.

Historically, leggings are popular among men and women to provide warmth and heat. Even cowboys wore leggings made of buckskin to prevent skin chapping due to riding horses and also as protection from animal bites. Cold countries like Russia had people who wore leggings as an additional out garment to give warmth. The military also made use of leggings. They wore leggings for practical purposes like protecting their lower legs, keeping dirt, sand and mud from entering their shoes, and supporting their ankles. But since military personnel began utilizing combat boots, leggings no longer had any place in their military getup.

Leggings are good fashion finds since they provide comfort, ease, and style. However, leggings like that of Sandy in the ending of the musical Grease are not really suggested for they are not that comfortable.

For newbies in wearing leggings, choose safe colors like black first. Wear them under long shirts and just add flats. Leggings, though originally up to the ankle, are available in varying lengths. Play with different lengths and find which suits you best. Also take into consideration your body frame. If you think you are curvy and the leggings might just highlight body parts you would not want to get noticed, just stick to the traditional black since this color has some kind of slimming effect. If you feel uncomfortable, just wear this under a mini-dress so that the largest part, the thighs, is all covered up. Also find time and money to buy things you would wear your leggings. Just be sure to keep balance, that since you have tight lower garments, find loose tops. Also, avoid high heels when wearing leggings. They may work, but most of the time, they would not. Leggings look best in flats.

If you are having difficult time in rocking those leggings, just remember these simple rules: thick and dark fabrics are the safest choices; leggings are not pants so layering is the key; opt for longer tops; and last but never the least, in terms of shoe heels, less is more.

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