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Meet Oscar

Meet Oscar

The Notebook. Mean Girls. Notting Hill. These are but a few of the countless films whose target

audience is the race of Eves, Aphrodites, and Juliets. But in more than eight decades of The Academy
Awards, the most prestigious award-giving body for filmmaking, this kind of movies is rarely given any
kind of recognition. Perhaps they cannot really compete with the likes of Schindler’s List, The Godfather
and Braveheart. But what’s truly amazing is that there are lots of Oscar-worthy flicks that even the most
typical chick could enjoy.

For the hopeless romantics, those who are in love with the idea of being in love, the ardent believers
of fate and ever afters, we are lucky to have the groundbreaking film with the most wins in the entire
Oscar history which is not other than the heartfelt love story of Jack and Rose, Titanic. Ladies would love
to witness this love-conquers-all tale embedded in one of the most unforgettable events in the history
of mankind. Of course, there’s the made-up chronicle of how the greatest and most romantic writer of
the English literature, William Shakespeare, was hit by Cupid’s arrow. It may not have happened in real
life but nothing could be truer than the Oscar statuettes Shakespeare in Love bagged last 1999.

As for those who like it light and fun, we have Juno. Here, we follow the story of a teenage girl with her
unwanted pregnancy and how she managed the bumps along the way. It’s not merely about young love,
family, and growing up. It also tackles making decisions that could change one’s life forever. And it’s a
romantic comedy.

I once read that there are times when even our best friends cannot wholly understand what we’regoing
through, that sometimes all we need is a line from a song or a movie to see. In a month’s time, the
world will be celebrating Oscar’s 85th celebration of the glory of motion pictures. It’s not just about
honoring the best films of the past year. It is an opportunity for us to find the film we can perfectly
connect to, the picture that reflects who we are and what we do, or simply the movie that can touch our
souls. All we need to do is to look closer.


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