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Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter

Your emotions, how you think, how you perceive- they have an impact way more forceful than you suspect. Your emotions, you mind, they are way too powerful insofar that the quality of your life depends greatly on them. They have the capacity to make or break your day, your week, your month, your year, or your entire lifetime. They can make your body achieve things you never knew it could, or they can prohibit your body from taking hold of something that appears to be just within reach. They are all-powerful that your physical body would always be inferior to your mind. Your emotions affect immensely how you think. While it is true that emotions have this immense power over you, the greater truth is that you have way greater power to control them only if you know how.

No matter how tired, worn out and fatigued your body is, you could still go further or give even just a bright smile if you wanted to. The reality is that you are actually just a two-pound brain controlling a massive chunk of meat. Yes, the body matters, but the mind matters more. Even if you had the perfect body type- a completely healthy and physically fit chunk of meat, all would be useless if your mind is frail and weak that it succumbs to the slightest blow of your emotions. Lucky for you, we are here to give you some few tips on how to control or at least manage your emotions and thus control your body wholly.

First, stop obsessing. I admit that I am guilty of this. But better start trying not to. Stop thinking about that double chocolate roll or your favorite boy band or the concert you were not able to attend or your crush. Let the moment penetrate your soul, live in it, enjoy it, breathe it in, then let it go. It is best to live in the present, but do not stay too long in a moment because it will be a part of the past sooner than you think. The whole of life is an act of letting go as said in Life of Pi. Yes, it is. Nothing is meant to stay. Nothing would last forever. Learn to give its wings back and let it fly on its own.

To keep your mind well and healthy, go for distractions sometimes. Do not get too focused on work and responsibilities. Pause and take a break. Go knitting or take a stroll in the park. Drive to a beach and feel the ocean waves touch your toes. Fly a kite. Let your mind be free from all the worries. Let it breathe.

Keep a journal. This will help you keep track of your actions and decisions. Also, it will keep a record of your emotions. It is only when you are fully aware of them that you would be able to control them.

Regular exercise is also a good mind and mood booster. Break a sweat to regulate your mood, make you feel good about yourself, and help replenish your energy.

Now, this one is really important. Never go to bed angry. Resolve all not-so-nice feelings and travel to dreamland with a peaceful mind.

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