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More about Seeking a Keeper

More about Seeking a Keeper

We have crosschecked and evaluated four traits and/or characteristics that may guide you into identifying if you are dating a keeper. As I have mentioned in the primary article about seeking a keeper, any piece of writing can never be able to tell us if the love we share with another person is true or not. Nonetheless, this can be an effective and powerful guide to finding it out for yourself.

  • He constantly surprises you.

It is not just about the superficial surprises like giving you chocolates even when it is not Valentine’s Day, putting dozens of flowers in your car’s trunk or dropping by your workplace at a very random and unexpected time just to check on you. It involves surprising you with things you never knew he does or would do, or things he would let go of just for you and your relationship. He daringly leaves his comfort zone and immerses himself into an unfamiliar territory if it means being a step closer to you and your love.

  • He motivates and supports you to fulfill your dreams.

He really does love you when he pushes you to be the best that you can be, when he believes in your talents and capabilities most especially when you cannot even believe in yourself, and when he helps you achieve the things you want most. If he believes and knows that you are born for greater things, then he is a keeper.

  • There is never a doubt regarding his feelings for you.

He is a keeper if it never entered your mind whether he truly loves you or not. If he truly, deeply and eagerly loves you, there would be no room for doubts and uncertainties because he would never let you feel that way. He is unfailing in making you feel how much he loves you even in the littlest of things, and this constantly assures you of his love.

  • He is proud of you.

He is not hesitant or reserved when showing you off to his friends and family. He is your number one fan.  He lets the whole world know how lucky he is to have you, that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. If he loves you, he knows your true worth and he knows that he would never find another like you in a billion years.

  • You can be with him for hours, just sitting in one corner and never getting bored.

You two have this unique and incomparable connection that you can talk about things so random like politics up to what you wore on your first date for hours, or even just stay quiet beside each other yet still feel the warmth and love. There is never a need to try to come up with something to talk about because it comes naturally. You don’t need extravagant dinner dates at the finest restaurants or out-of-town trips to enjoy being together. Simply being with each other could be the best moment of your lives.


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