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Morning Exercise

Morning Exercise

Since the bed becomes extra comfortable the moment we need to get up and leave its comfort, we tend to extend our snoozing time and leave no time for exercise in the morning. We still have the evening after we get home from work or school, right? But how about when you have after-work meetings, dinner dates, or deadlines you need to catch? To be sure you would be having your daily exercise, better accomplish it first thing in the morning. Here’s how.

Working out in the morning would not be beneficial if you are not getting enough sleep. What’s even more difficult is forcing yourself to get up early without a good night’s sleep. The trick is simple. Decide what time you would want to do your workouts. Then, adjust about seven to eight hours of sleeping time. Viola, you have your new bedtime. Though adjusting to a new bedtime could be a pretty difficult task, you could do it gradually. Go to bed fifteen minutes earlier tonight. Then add another fifteen minutes the next day and so on until you reach your ideal bedtime. Those first fifteen minutes of going to bed earlier and then waking up also fifteen minutes earlier leaves room for short but effective workouts.

Also, try to come up with a realistic and sustainable strategy for your exercise. Does hitting the gym so early in the morning would do you good? Or maybe all you need is a workout DVD and your needed exercise equipments in your room while wearing your pajamas? More great options would include walking or jogging around the neighborhood. Or maybe have a stroll at the park. Think of fun and exciting ways to make your workout something you would love to look forward to every time you wake up. Be creative.

It is also very intelligent and practical to be ready for your worst case scenario. Expect all the worst possible things that could happen and be ready for them. What if your planned workout was running outdoors but then it rained? Does that mean your workout is cancelled? Think of good alternatives. When your workout partner does not show up or when your DVD fails to play, you do not need to give up your workout if you have other things in mind.

We are all aware that getting up takes time. Even with enough sleep, we do not wake up each morning feeling instantly fresh and energetic. We even tend to get back to sleep. How to avoid it? Give yourself some goodies when you accomplish a goal. Maybe a Starbucks coffee or a new book or a new pair of shoes once you lose two pounds in a week’s time would be a great price for your hard-working self. If you would be having those heels or that new book, then it’s probably worth waking up for.

For further motivation, seek the power of music. Start blasting classic rock or fun party songs as you wake up. It is best to add your favorite songs to the playlist so you would really feel the greatness of music.

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