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Move with Beyonce

Move with Beyonce

To have fun on your exercise routines, what a good way it would be to move along with some fun and exciting music. And today, we would be suggesting hits from the diva the world loved and adore- who else but Beyonce? So shake that booty as you sing along with this Beyonce music.

  • Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

It is mainly about a girl who tells her man to marry her if he really loves her. And if he can’t do it, then they better break up and she must let herself have all the fun in the world. It may not be lyrically genius but its music would keep you moving. So, all the single ladies, let’s exercise!


  • Crazy in Love feat. Jay-Z

Beyonce said that her alter ego Sasha Fierce was born when she did this song. This song is simply how crazy a person could be when she is in love. It is a good song to listen to when you want to get moving since it could give you the rush you are looking for.


  • Bootylicious

I cannot think of any reason why this would not make a good workout song. Most people exercise to look great, and looking fierce and sexy would involve having a good back part as a great edge. And what else does this song say? Work that booty while listening to Bootylicious.


  • Baby Boy feat. Sean Paul

It is simply about a girl head over heels in love with a boy. It has nothing much in it but it is a perfect song to dance and to exercise to. What else could get you motivated than an upbeat and catchy song that reminds you or your baby boy? Besides, maybe you5 are even working out that hard for that baby boy so you go get him, girl!


  • Naughty Girl

Okay, this song is plainly about being playful and naughty. The title really summarizes it all. Most of the Beyonce songs that are perfect for workout do not have lots of deep meanings but what the heck? It is their beat that would keep your exercise fun and exciting. You would not try to contemplate The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds while running on your treadmill, would you?


  • Freakum Dress

This song is about that one outfit that makes you feel confident, sexy, and really fabulous. Not only would Freakum Dress be a good song to move and dance to but also a great motivation so that you could fit into that “freakum dress” of yours.


  • Check on It feat. Bun B and Slim Thug

So yes, it is again among the songs that do not have much meaning but great to exercise and dance to. Just do it, girl!

  • Love On Top

It may be more of a good song to sing along to than to dance and move to but I would very much want to include it because of the positive energy and being an overall good song.

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