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Moving On

Moving On

When will be the right time to move on? Many women are often stuck in a situation which they don’t know if they have to wait just before they start moving on with their life. It can be from different situation like in after they broke up with their lover, resigning from their job, changing the path of their career, moving to a new a house, or anything that can actually happen that move you out of your feet and make you so confused if you are now ready to move on and continue with your life. You can actually begin on generalizing the aspects of your life which can simply be based on love, career and fortune which is what is often seen in horoscope because basically, these are the things that are found essential for human.

Career and fortune normally goes hand in hand. But, there are some instances in which what you do for work or career is not the thing that you love to do but you just can’t leave it since it gives you better fortune as compared of what you actually want to do. The only key is to do what you love and love what you are doing. There are those people who are lucky enough to end up succeeding in what they love to do making them earn the good fortune we all aim for. While they may say that money can’t really buy happiness but it would always be better crying with a pocketful of money than having nothing at all. What you are to do would really depend on the situation you are in. Weigh what is really important to you. Maybe you are confused on what will other people say to you, you just have to accept the fact that whatever you do, people will always talk so better do what will really make you happy and not bother what other people might say. At the end of the day, it is your happiness that really counts. Just do what will really make you happy and the thing that will not make you ask the question “what if’” which is a sign of regret on something you weren’t able to do.

Love is not only on finding your other half, but it also includes love for family, friends, career, God, and other things that you can actually think of. Love is so complex that it enables a person to conquer all barriers and disregard all sense of reason just for the mere fact of loving. This is not to prevent you from loving because it is by far the best thing that leads you to happiness. What really complicates love is a person’s expectation. Love should be selfless and does not expect anything in return. Just consider yourself lucky that you have the ability to love and be loved in return. If you are in a broken relationship, just think that you are never alone and love is everywhere. As you are able to love, so are other people maybe you are not just with the right person but you should not close your doors after being broken. Love can heal you in the right time with the right person. You don’t really have to push yourself to in moving because it will come to you. Just never close your doors because people who really cares will help you out and who knows, you might thank yourself someday for leaving your past and gaining the opportunity of finding the one that is far better than the one you lost before, someone you really deserve and deserves you.

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