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Moving When It Isn’t Easy

Moving When It Isn’t Easy

Being physically active is one of the best ways to keep our health at its optimum level. It is greatly beneficial in making and keeping a person a well-rounded individual. However, there could be instances when a person would be having difficulty in finding the physical activity that would suit him or her especially when he or she has trouble moving. Health conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, and too much weight could hinder someone from being physically active. Well, no need to worry. We have what you are looking for: adaptive exercise.

Certain medical conditions bring about pain, limited flexibility, weakened muscles, fatigue, brittle bones, and aching joints. Most people, after suffering from a chronic condition, are advised not to take part in any physical activity. For people suffering from this problem, the experts have come up with a solution for you. They devised exercises that are adapted to your medical condition and could help you move easily, make you stronger, and decrease your pain. The important thing is finding a way how to get moving because lack of such could just worsen your case and cause further health problems like heart disease.

By consulting with your physician and physical therapist, you could decide which kind of adaptive exercise would suit you best. Health care providers may also suggest exercises that they observe from other people with the same condition as you.

For people suffering from arthritis, stretching exercises would help improve the condition of your muscles, joints and tendons. Strengthening exercises like lifting light weights would help make the muscles become stronger and more forceful. People suffering from arthritis should prevent engaging in high-impact physical activities like soccer and basketball and those exercises that put stress on the hips, knees and ankles. Though there would be worries that moving may worsen the arthritis, studies have proven that moderate movements would not worsen the case. On the contrary, the right amount of physical activities eases the pain and lessens the disability. Tai chi could also be a good choice of physical activity.

Taking classes may also help. Adaptive exercise may appear to be something serious but you could actually have fun in doing it. There are programs created to fit the requirements of an adaptive exercise. You could practice these exercises on your own, but it would always be better to attend classes to double the fun.

Another option would be engaging into adaptive yoga. The yoga poses could help people be flexible, properly coordinated, confident, and strong. Moreover, yoga aids in the transportation of the oxygen through the bloodstream and also lubricates the joints. Learning to breathe properly and to relax are also parts of the program.

A medical condition or a health problem needs not to be a hindrance into being physically active. There are always ways to keep the body fit and away from further health problems, and one of them is engaging in exercises. Whatever you are suffering from, exercise would always be available to you. If there is a will, there is always a way.

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